Saturday, November 21, 2009

a moment of AHA!

Years ago when Mc Donalds changed their milk containers from cardboard to small plastic bottles, I took them home. I just knew they would become something one day. What I was not sure but they were too cute to be thrown away. I had a compulsion to bring them home still not knowing what they were going to be. I had to finally stop myself because I still had not thought of something nor found anything being done with them on the web. It was only a matter of time before it occurred to someone. Why not me?

So the a few weeks ago I came across and article about vase cozies. I thought "I can fake that" so with croquet needle in hand I attempted to make one and was surprised to find I had succeeded. As I was looking for another vase I had stumbled upon my stash of McD's milk bottles and I figured what the hey. I didn't know what I was doing anyway might as well try this. I was thrilled to find they came out adorable!!!! I love them and will be surprising people with little bouquets of flowers in them hanging on their door.

It had occurred to me and I think I'm the first to think of how to reuse those adorable little plastic Mc Donald's milk bottles. Just think it only took me 4 years. I would love to give a tutorial but am not sure how I did what I did. I started with a circle and then worked my way up the bottle. Then topped it off with a handle.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's a different Saturday

It is amazing how one little thing can change your outlook. There has been things going on in my life that have been a great distraction. It is never easy being the topic of bad conversation. Even though I have learned to laugh at it and the behavior of others, it has kept me down a little. I received a word of encouragement from a friend, from 25 years ago, and has brought me out of my self-pity. Forgive me the indulgence of wanting to give up, throw in the towel, call it a day and any other cliche' phrase I can think of.

I have continued to create because I can't leave good trash alone. My husband was going to throw out a guitar he has because the neck is cracked and it is not worth fixing. I am using it as my canvas to paint famous guitar heroes of the 70's-90's. I would do things earlier but you can't be a hero until you've been around for a while.

I've only just begun so it's far from finished but I will give you a little peak.
If anyone could tell me how to get the picture on the bottom and not top I would appreciate it.
Oh yeah one more thing, I have finially sold something on Etsy!!! Let the joyous bells ring, a miracle has happened!