Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finial-ly something really easy

Not sure if you have ever seen these giant finials.  That are way beyond my price range and even if they weren't I still wouldn't pay that much.
Maybe I'm a reverse snob...sorry to all you wealthy people out there.
So anyway I was wandering in my local thrift store and came across this lamp but they wanted 10 dollars for it.  Still too much, that is until it went on sale for half off.  5 dollars?  I was on it, 
While standing in line (which wasn't easy, as this lamp with shade is almost tall as me) the lady in front
of me asked what I was going to do with that.  I knew she thought it was hideous, the expression on her face said so.  I smiled at her because I knew I had a diamond in the rough.  And told her I was going to tear it apart and make something else. 
See it?
I love that is has a solid wood base and the top is ceramic.

Well look at it now............
I wake up every morning with this loveliness before me.
Thanks to 5 dollars, some heavy duty glue and white paint.
Nothing like a happy ending.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grey and Yellow Patio Completed!!!!

Hooooooraaaah!  I have finished!!!
Let's reflect on what I started with, shall we?
Nothing much.  That's what I started with. 
I found the bench for 5 and rug for 3.  I had yellow and grey in my mind for colors.
I did a couple of simple builds with the help of my son (the wall) and my husband (the roof)
This is the wall before turning grey and other things being attack with bright colors. 
This is the roof.  I came up with the idea of simple 2x4 panels resting on the garage roof and a cleat on the house and secured, with an added plastic corrugated roof panel.   
Easy assembly, and to protect the roof I put a pool noodle around the wood. 
Yeah we forgot to take off the strips but at this point I'm just tickled to not be rained on.
So I then went about adding stuff and accents and art.
I'll give ya the total at the end. 
Art 7.50
Tables   5.99 
Rugs  19.00
Pillows  3.00 
bamboo shades 6.00 
roof  80.00 
Wall 10.00 
numbers 3.00 
Random stuff put on 
giant spoon painted with chalkboard paint....99 cents 
Awesome ice buckt 1.00
Punch server 6.00 
Bar made from found wood and 3.00 worth of tile. 
Never did find a new to me bbq so free.
I did change my file cabinet planter. 
The bowling ball dove off and crushed my bunneh.
So I switch it out a little bit. 
I still haven't fully secured the ball yet.  Never know when I might need to bowl something over... Hhahaha?

So there it is new and improved patio. 
Ready for the rest of the summer and maybe a little of fall. 
It really makes me want to paint my house.

Oh well, punch anyone? 
Or maybe watermelon martinis?
Oh the total cost of this redo is around 150 dollars.  I think it was well worth it, what do you think?

Friday, July 15, 2011

rainy days and coat hangers

So it's been raining for the past few days and I've been feeling a little stiff and sore in knuckle areas.
Yet I am bored out of my mind and have to do something.  With the help of my lovely daughter and my feet we will create.
No More Wire Hangers!!!!
No actually that is exactly what we need.  I only have little sticks so we are using little hangers.
Grab one, stick one's foot in it and pull.  It will resemble a petal.  Work it around the cheap hangers are the best because they move easily. 
Now these little things are knee-hi's.  Find the colors you like but I would avoid flesh tones, not just flowery enough.  Did I tell you I'm making a flower?  No? oh.....I'm making a flower.

There will be duck tape! 
And some wire.  It's just easier to show you. 
These are my rods, stick, thingies.  There were once part of a pants hanger that I converted into a headband holder.  headband holder thingy 

Check out this duck tape flower it's veyr similar to this flower.
So you stretch the knee-hi over wire petal and hold it fast with piece of wire.  Then bend and shape it until you like the looks of it.  Take duck tape and tape straight piece of coat hanger to dowel, stick, rod thing.  One petal at a time.  Then cover stick with green tape. Find a ball or other fake flower and glue in center of nylon petals. 
Now you have flower fit for twirling.  Make a few more for a bouquet.

I decided to experiment using the same technique. 
Can ya guess?
I used a light green nylon and then sprayed dye on the edges and dried with blow dryer. 
I glue another ball on top but covered it in black duck tape.
 I then realized dragonflies do not have antennae. 
So I ripped them off and put them on the wings instead.  I held it there with a little embroidery floss. 
a couple sequins for the eyes 
Added some more wire just for added interest.  As I was wrapping wire around wire I had a flashback to when my mother use to bring home telephone wire from work.  She was one of the telephone operators that would plug away at the giant board until computers came along.
So anyway I remember making all sorts of things out of that colorful wire.  Wish I had some now.
Anyone else remember that wire?
So there ya go, something to do with coat hangers and knee-hi's.
Who knew?
These would really make some great party decorations.
I already had all this stuff at the house but to make them I would guess...3 dollars?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Goodwill Treasure Hunting Find

Ok, so ever since Sunni over at Life in Rehab shared her amazing ideas and tools with me.
By tools I mean "Goop" and I do not mean the stuff you clean your hands with.
I say that because when I went looking for it, that is what my friendly Walmart worker lead me to.
I finally found it at Homedepot.  Since then I have been searching for things to glue to things.
This hurricane style vase with the giant G was only 1.29......It did not matter it had a giant G on it or it had a slight chip on the edge.  I knew I was going to glue things on it.  Muwaaauhahahahahaha  I had gone glue crazy O.o 
Finding this discarded broken necklace was the beginning.  I removed fake jewels and glued them to the rim. 
Then  went back to Walmart and bought some vase filler that went with fake jewels.
Then I let the glue fly!!!!
Can I get a
And a thank you Sunni (go to her blog and see things first and then check back and see if I stole any of her ideas :D lol) 
Can't even see the giant G any more.
Mark it off as a win! 
I'm still thinking about putting some glitter on there, or maybe fill it with black sand with an awesome white candle.  Or maybe fill it with brighly colored candy, or chocolate......(drool chocolate)  Ok, maybe not something I will want to eat.

I don't always steal other peoples ideas.  Sometimes I am inspired to make something original.
It's usually not fabulous or something I can teach.  Half the time I'm not sure how I did it.
With the weather warming up, we've been leaving the door open to let in a breeze.
Hence unwanted visitors......take a guess what that is. 
Maybe if we look like them they will obey us and leave..... 
(please know I an not talking about teenagers but insects)
Or maybe not.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer is finally here!!

It's been raining up here, until this week that is.  It has been HOT!! like in the 80's.  Ok for all of you who do not live in the Pacific Northwest and are now throwing things at your screen.  For us that is hot.  So I've been trying to stay in the shade and have been piddling around the yard.

Remember the wall my son built upon my instructions that looked very much like a pallet?
No? ....well look below
Kinda lacked something.
Wasn't sure what but foraging I found some paint and wood and altered a few things.
Whatcha think?
Is it too much?
I'm not good at subtle.... 
The cost was free, just stuff around the house.
There is a hippo underneath, think it needs some color too. 
Over by the pond needs some work.  A couple of painted flamingos are there to distract you. 
Dug out my bistro set, looks like it needs paint too.

So it looks like painting is on my agenda but not before I build a roof for my patio.
Where's my cape........