Monday, March 15, 2010

Giant Yellow Duck Tape flower

This is my lovely daughter posing with my new creation. It is a duck tape flower!!! Trumpets blare, flags unfold and followers weep. Hahahaaha I amuse myself. I have made these flowers before yet without the duck tape. I used wire coat hangers (for the petals) and a dowel rod for the stem. In the past I used stocking in different colors for the petals but this time I wanted something that would withstand the elements. So I thought to myself "what can withstand the elements?" and myself replied "why duck tape of course!" So with that declaration I hoped on down to Stuffmart and bought some yellow duck tape. I do plan on making a few more, in pink, orange, maybe turquoise and I soooo want to do one in plaid. I love them and hope to use them as props for upcoming birthday parties. Or just outside in my garden. :) I sooo can see throwing an Alice in Wonderland party with them. hmmmmm curious and curiouser.
Stay tuned I may plan on making a 6ft tall mushroom lamp. I have ideas just looking for a place to land.