Monday, August 27, 2012

it's only been a year or so

Some things just take a lot of time.
Redoing a living room with a horrible 4 foot by 8 foot monstrosity dominating a good chunk of it is one of them.  That is if you do it yourself and on the cheap.
This is the before, it also was done DIY and on the cheap.
It was here when we bought it.
The tile did not survive actual use as it was thin and cheap. 
Every time wood was brought in, more tile died out of shear fear of something being dropped on it.
I had this idea that if I used small tile it would be harder for it to crack.  Not to mention I love the look of glass tile and it seemed easier to clean then the other stuff.  The one thing I don't love about it, is the price.  So after much sleuthing on the net, I found this website called cool tiles and found these tile for less than 3 dollars a square foot. 
Needless to say I bought them and brought the size down to 4x6 instead of 4x8. 
See?  Starting to look better's shiny :)
So half-way through this project my plans got changed for me.  I had to revamp my column and chunky wood mantle idea.  So I went with a floating shelf with molding. 
Ok the shelf is floating and the paint is inching over but there were still things I needed to do.
Like doing something with those chairs.
I got them for about 35 a piece brand new but the color was more purple than beige because they are big fat liars as it stated. 
I thickened the black tile to visually support the other stuff.  Now I am thinking on the fly here and probably made a bunch of mistakes. 
Do not be fooled, the chairs are only half-way done.  The top is just draped fabric and the mantle was not complete.  But it is soooo much better than the beginning. 
Ok now it's the Taaa-Daaa moment!
Almost, would love to make a ruffle cover for the stove but my last attempt at ruffles have left me quivering in the corner  
But  faking upholstery is becoming my signature thing.
Even when I mess up and don't order enough fabric to do the job proper like. 
This part took me the longest since I had to cut and sew pieces to fit it tight.
I have to say it's the best one yet, and if I even got some real professional training I would be totally awesome,.....just saying. 
I'm thinking of doing something with the shelves but not sure what.
Anyone got any ideas?
So this is the big finish, at least for this area.
Before and After 
After I clean up my clutter and smooth out a few things I'll take more pics of everything.
Since I finally got out my sewing machine and succeeded in the chairs I may just do those pillows I've been putting off for well, quite the while.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Helloooooooo out there

Yikes!!!  I've been missing in action!!1
Sorry my bad.
I caught a cold and then salmonella and then shingles to top it off.  It was a try two get one free thing.

But before that happened I found these two lamps at Goodwilll for 1.29 each. 
I actually bought them for my niece but she didn't want any more lamps.  Soooooo I claimed them.
A little white paint and they are happening already. 
As the paint was drying I wandered around my lawn and found a water lily had bloomed.
So I took this amazing picture of it. 
So now that the lamps are dry and I know where I want to put them.  I need shades to just bring that bad boy home.
I searched online for days, this was my laying flat and subconscious days.
I finally found them and then had to wait some more. 
I found things to amuse me.

Meanwhile my half dead tomato plant that I threw in my file cabinet planter decided to take over the world while I slept. 
When I did wander out side I was taken aback and a little terrified.  I've seen "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"  and I think it started this way. 

Then as I went back to the safety of my home my shades finally arrived.
They were perfect!! 
I really love them <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
I did a full picture of both of them but the window above the bed has the window fan in it with cardboard and duck tape and I just really didn't want to blow the illusion of harmony.
Even though I just told you about it, hmmmm, ok ignore what I said and look at the picture.

Oh I also broke down and bought some pillows for my couch. 
I still have intentions of making some pillows but sometimes my intentions end up as pavement to a hot place.

PS  we did some beach time too :) 

So there is my account and hopefully I will not disappear again for awhile.