Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Faking Andy Worhal

So as I posted a few weeks ago, I am in the process of re doing my daughter's room.
We are doing "Geek Chic" with a side of hipster.
While gathering ideas I stumbled upon this classic Andy Worhal print.
She loved it, I did not how ever love the price plus shipping.
So this is faking Andy Worhal.
Cue in Staples and there engineering prints...ta da daaaaaa!
We searched the web and found an adorable picture of a different cow and sent it to Staples.
I did a 2 foot by 3 foot print.  Total cost?  3.59
Ok, now the hard part, kinda, not really.
I used poster paint and a small brush.
The cow green and background aqua. 
Then wipe with paper towel.  It's better to do a light coat and then go back over where needed.
Now the ear tag I wanted to pop out a little.  I rummaged in my daughters art supplies and found a copic marker that did the trick. 
Then I threw it in a frame I already owned. 
Art has been achieved!
Taaa- Daaaaa!
This is a quick sneak peak at her room. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Decoration 101

Ok, maybe not fall decoration as a quick easy sweater pumpkin.
I like quick and easy, as much as I like cheap and this has all three!
Ok, Dollartree carvable pumpkin.  No big thrill just kind of there and orange.
Now the easy and fun part, hit Goodwill or thrift store for very cheap sweater.  I got mine for 1.29 and I kinda like that it has stripes.  I was greatly inspired by this blogger.   Her's are very awesome and classy.
You're only going to use the sleeves for your naked pumpkin.
So you cut out the stump nubbin and keep it or throw it. 
Shove your pumpkin in the sleeve of your cheap sweater. 
Since I made three there wasn't a lot of excess to shove in the pumpkin which is why I inverted the stump nubbin and shoved it in the hole to make a tight seal. 
Ok, so then ya grab some rubber bands to make the new stumps all official. 
Wrap them around nice and tight and then fold over or leave them long. 
Now you just wind it with twine and glue to hold it. 
While I was at the Dollartree I grabbed some of this golden wire.
It makes nice tendrils and all you need is a pencil and wire cutters. 
Stick the tendrils in any where. 
Then I dug out some leaves left over from last year.
Yeah they are not pumpkin leaves but I still like them. 
So give it a try, have some fun and make it your own. 
I was considering a pink sweater or multi pattern.
What can I say, I like different :) 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Just a few updates

I did it I did it I finally did it!! 
I have finished my pillows,...whew, thought I was gonna procrastinate for another year.
I figured it was time to put on my "big girl panties" and "just do it" and any other get off your butt quote can be added
Nothing amazing, or major talent, just plain ol straight stitch and stuff it.
I did do reversible to save me from making more pillows. 
Tadaaaaaa  :) 
Then after a healthy chat about my blunders I revamped the one wall a bit. 
Still kinda working on it but I do know the furniture placement is solid.
I think I just need to adjust the art placement.   
Also thinking of putting mats around the letters to beef it up a bit.
I also took the white thing off the stove, it looks better.
And I took the throw off the chair and folded it on the chest.
It's just gonna take some tweaking before I get it right.  I know something isn't right but can't see it.
 Ok enough of that.  I am excited that my daughter is allowing me to re-do her room.
We were going through her clothes before school and I suggested I could help her by re-designing her room for better storage and use.  She said yes (I've tried for years) and then I asked her what style she likes or wanted.  After many questions she's decided on "Geek Chic" with a touch of hipster.  This project I know will get done as I'm the one who's going to be doing it. 
I immediately jumped on the laptop and started gathering my ideas for the design and inspiration
I already started gathering, found a dresser to revamp and some action figures to turn into knobs.
I am very excited and I did kinda scare her with how fast it came about but I am just a bunch of ideas waiting to explode.