Saturday, March 24, 2012


So we took a little trip to Portland last weekend.
We've also fell in love with Portlandia on IFC.
They are not far from the truth and that is what is even funnier.
So we decided to explore and jumped on the MAX.
It was interesting and kinda fun.

I loved all the building detail around Ankeny.
It was really empty on the Friday we were there but was packed with food, and art and entertainment the next day.  They really have an amazing flea market and we all found some awesome things. 
My leg is still not healing so a lot of these pics were taken while I was being whisked away in my wheelchair.  It was exciting, scary, and thrilling,.....not so much over the cobble stone though.

One of my favorite things in Portland is Voodoo Doughnuts!
Not only are they funny and fun but the best doughnuts I have ever eaten. 
Not to mention their outside wall is painted with glitter!!!!

YES I said glitter! 
We were there around 4 in the afternoon and there was still a line outside the building.
Me?  I really do love the interior with all the colors and slightly insane design plan 
But be warned, if you want something you better bring some cash because they take nothing else.

Their stuff is imaginative and tasty.  The girls loved the oreo covered doughnuts.  The cereal covered ones where pretty good as well.  Actually there wasn't a doughnut I didn't like. 
The even had little voodoo doughnuts with a pretzel sticking out of their heart, just in case you have some issues to work through.
We continued on exploring and taking moments to ham it up 
After all it was encouraged 
We then headed over to Chinatown but it felt dated. 
This is the first 24hr church of Elvis. 
As you can see, there was no line.
Apparently doughnuts are way above Elvis in Portlandia. 
We stopped for a bit and got to watch some local talent.
There is seriously some great graffiti art in Portland
Then we wandered into the Pearl and headed back to the hotel room.

The next morning ( 10:30) we headed over to Rockin Rose thrift store.
That is when we learned that Portland doesn't do mornings.
Nothing was open until 11 or 12 
We wandered some more. 
We finally made it back to find it still wasn't open and we gave up.

 Decided to practice our lion faces and do the flea market.
? what? don't know what the lion face is?  well you really need to watch it click here
Did I tell you it was St Paddy's Day?

There was a sea of green everywhere. 
Also hundreds of men in green dresses running around "The Pearl"

My husband and daughter went into the giant bookstore called Powell's
If you put all the sections of Powells together it would take up a city block and be three stories.

We (me and Sheri) hung outside for a while watching people but then decided to get warm in Dr Martens and I really just wanted to live there.
I mean how cool is this store? 
We did have a slight accident with our original pink box of voodoo doughnuts.
I had them on my lap and was being wheeled around Portland and decided to check out a thrift store.
Well there are lots of wheelchair ramps that are designed to launch you like the indy 500.
As my daughter built up speed to make the next ramp I was hurled into the threshold.  The wheelchair came to a dead stop.  The doughnuts continued on the projected path.  Into the thrift store with all the trendy hip people, sprinkles exploding into the air.  As all the brightly colored tasty treats fell to their death.  My daughter in a panic ran to rescue the doughnuts and let go of me as I slowly roll back down the ramp into oncoming traffic.  It's ok, I realize I had arms and grabbed the wheels and still while holding the doughnut box on my shins. There was panic, there were apologies, there where multi colored sprinkles everywhere.  It really was quite tragic.
I tell you all of that so you know why we went back before we left Portland

Yep, we grabbed another dozen for the ride home. 
The line was still there.  The doughnuts were still amazing.

Oh, the "stick a bird on it" is over but the new coming trend will be, "put a feather on it"....we got the inside scoop.

I did finish my lamps, kinda and wanted to share that really quick
short tada 
I need something in between to break up the brown and I still haven't made the pillows.
But I sure do love my lamps, I feel all hip and cool.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tag I'm it......where'd everyone go??

I've been tagged :D and I'm kinda excited about it.
I don't get to play the reindeer games very often.

Ok let's get this started....let me read the directions.

These are the questions handed to me (clears throat)
The envelope please

Here are my 11 questions.

1. You have been handed $1000.00, what will you spend it on?
I would pay down our mortgage and maybe a little for a small family vacation.

2. Do you have brothers and sisters?
Yes I do, 3 sisters and 2 brothers.  All older than me, the oldest is 20yr older and youngest is 7yr older.

3. Is your glass half full or half empty?
It is always full, half maybe water but the other half is still full of air.  HA

4. Do you snore? tell the truth :)
Oh yeah, we use to go camping in a tent until we found out between me and my husband's snoring the neighbors in a camper couldn't sleep. :D

5. Introvert or extrovert?
I would say extrovert but sometimes play a introvert in public, sometimes just a raving loon.  All depends who's with me and how much they can handle.

6. What do you like to do to relax?
Hmmm, never really that stressed out.  I like music but that can also amp me up.  I think the most enjoyable times of relaxation is having a drink with my husband and talking.

7. You are in an empty room for one hour, what are you going to do with that time?
I'm in an empty room right now, and have been for a few months.  I would probably do what I've been doing, watching movies, reflecting, praying, waiting.

8. Who was your first best friend?
Her name was Betty Chase and we were friends from pre-school.

9. Have you had your heart broken?
Too many times to count.  My life was hard and full of abuse, more than I realized then.  I still struggle with believing people, when they say they love me.  Too many have said those words but never felt or acted in them.

10. If you are invisible, where would you go?
That is a hard question, there's nothing I really need to know nor a place I need to be.  When I was younger it might of been to be around certain people to know the truth but that no longer matters.
I think that if I was invisible it would be so I can help people.

11. What time do you usually wake up?
Around 7 in the morning, sometimes later.  Both my children are teenagers and get up and get ready without me.  I'm still trying to adjust to the changes in my life.

Ok so those were the questions, did I pass?
One thing I am, is honest and open.
(sometimes to a fault)

I am now suppose to pass this on to 11 people
but there is only one blogger I converse with.
Soooooo I am going to post some questions anyway and let who ever reads this be tagged.

TAG YOU'RE IT!!!!!!!
(runs away)

 1.  What do you believe your strengths are?

 2.  What's your favorite memory growing up?

 3.  Who do you talk to when life is hard?

 4.  Cake or Pie?

 5.  Favorite spot in your house?

 6.  Biggest cooking or craft fail?

 7.  Who do you need to forgive?

 8.  Ever been to Disney World or Land?

 9.  What inspires you?

10. When was the last time you laughed really hard?

11.  What you most thankful for? 

If you fill this out, can you let me know.
I'd like to know more about you.