Friday, August 27, 2010

Really late pics of "The Retro Baby Shower"

So where to begin......back in the beginning of my blogging was a post about my niece's baby shower.  I came up with a Retro theme shower with pink and blue.  I also had a onesie station which everyone loved! The onesie station was so people could create a unique one of a kind onesie for little Jacob.  I had a variety of fabric markers and other embellishment.  A few of them I had already drawn characters on them to be colored in by people who didn't feel creative.  The end of the shower the mom to be got to take home all the personalized onesies.The drinks were mock tails of pink and blue and a variety of vintage finger foods.

I had these glass vintage baby bottles I used for vases through out the rooms and these hand drawn images of the mother and the father at the base.  I used small frames I found at the Dollar Store.
The food was excellent and everyone had a great time.  I had more decorations up but didn't photograph them.  I'm still learning and I forget way tooo much.  My ideas are always larger and more grand than my budget.


  1. I just read your bio and wanted to voice my thoughts on "How much I appreciate" your choosing to give up the extras to be a stay at home mom.. this is the best thing you will ever do in life! truly! My kids also had no sitters other than my own mom. I had a business and they either stayed with my mom or went to work with me (office or home), or school! My three kids are now happy, healthy productive professionals and I could not be prouder!
    Oh.. and the "Onezees" hanging on the line are so cute!!

  2. Thanks so much for the encouraging words Sandy. It's so easy to get lost in this world's comsumption of more and more things. We forget the best thing.