Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pinterest to Reality

Like everyone else I stare at amazing things on pinterest a lot more than I do them.
But thanks to Goodwill I have launched into actually doing one of them
(Insert giant smile here)
This is my want to do list
See the adorable beach cover up?
Well the brown one has the actual tutorial.
click HERE for it.
It only took me about 15 mins to make and a little hand stitching.

Like I said I was at Goodwill and found some t-shirt material, almost 3yd for only 3 bucks.
After looking at myself trying to wear this, I decided it would be better on my daughter. 
Getting her to model it, well, that took a couple of days. 
I'm gonna say modeling is not in her future. 
Think she's ok with that and so am I  :D

She does make me laugh and she really did like the cover up. 
It was super easy to make and if I find material without the horizontal lines....
I just might make one for myself. 
Oh and looky what I found on Craigslist....guess how much? 
com 'ere
I know right?  sigh, feel like I won something.
I'll blog again when it's finished.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Wall!!! Where's the bar?

 So this is my feature wall before the wood and after.
I got overwhelmed with the possibilities of much stuff .
I need All The Stuff!!!!!
I drove myself nuts!!!
One day I changed the wall 3 times O_o 
That about sums it up.

So this is the wall I settled on. 
I even painted the candlesticks a muted silver and used them as pedestals for the vintage cameras.
Guitar case to support the glass shelf and old school headphones. 
Old rake holding my martini glasses and cd holder holding the vintage shot glasses.
I feel a little calmer about it.
Pay no attention to the blue paint, part of it is dry and part is wet. 
Ok on to the bar....this was for FREE!!!!
It was a 50's or 60's era radio/phonograph.
I decided to tear it apart.
I sold the tubes on ebay (got about 50 bucks) and removed the guts.
I was going to make it a buffet but that was a few years ago. 
It sat in my garage for a few years and got messed up in the process.
Someone used it for painting things on.

I could sand it and repaint it but I am to the point of extreme lazy and wanting to be done. 
Fabric to the rescue, doo, dooo doooooooo
This is left over fabric from the curtains in the dining area. 
So with the exterior figured out, I needed to do something with the top.
I know I am being brainwashed, it's subtle, it's probably happening to you.
So whipping out my trusty can of spray paint I created Chevron. 
But you can still see where people used this for other projects.  I also calmed down the inside with some place mats from Ikea. 
So I darkened the wood and muted the blue and decided to funk it up with a wood grain. 
Are you feeling it?
Yeah, the rug had to be moved.  As well as the blue candle sticks.

So are you ready for magic?
I really like this retro cool hip TA-DAA! 
Inside is just dying to be used with ice bucket and shaker. 
I brought the pattern from the fabric to the speaker cover. 
Also the candlesticks now make sense and are really great pedestals. 
And what better way to hold your martini glasses than an old rake your husband wanted you to throw away.  Oh yeah, and now loves the idea of it. 
Yes, the legs are not fully painted.
I just might start a trend because my coffee table seems to have the same problem. 
The veiwmaster is a great Goodwill find and what better place than near a bar.
Sounds like I drink all the time, but I don't.  Maybe a couple once in awhile.  Mostly this wall represents me and my husband's life, past, present, and future.
Now onto the other 3 walls!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Apath, apotho, coffee table find and redo

First off, my leg is on the mend!!  whoop whoop
So being able to, I went hunting for a better proportioned coffee table.
I searched in all the places, I thought I would find one, but I didn't find one to even try to like.
A whole lot of end tables, though.
I was leaving the last store and heading home, tired, disappointed, cofffe tableless.
coffeeless, hmmm
I really needed some coffee and I didn't know of any, in that part of town.
So I took a side trip and stopped at another store I had given up on months ago.
I figured what the hey, I had a nickel for parking and it gave me exactly 5 mins to look.
Then, giving up I spied this little gem for 15 dollars!!!
I think I literarly jumped for joy, and squealed a little.
I ran to the cash register and told them I would love to purchase the coffee table and I only had 2 mins left to do it.  They told me to pull into the building and they would load me up.
That was when I did the happy dance, to their amusement.
It's not often I can out hyper a 16 year old, but I did at that moment.
So here it is
What do you think?
It's solid wood and a little flaky but I see visions for it. 
Kinda like this. 
Thinking it looks a lot better than the previous one, that was longer than my couch. 
I switched out the knobs,and did a paint treatment to fake the metal look on the drawers.
Although I am not completely done (end of feet still not painted) 
I am pleased with it and now need to seal the top and maybe pin-stripe around the drawers.
Maybe put a stencil on top before I seal it.....hmmmmm
oh the paint color is a darker gray than seen, can't ever get these photos real to color.