Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grinch and Whoville Decorating 101

Lots of pictures on this post.
The first up is the chocolate candy cane hearts that I made for favors for the party.
Melt chocolate
Having people to stir chocolate very helpful 
They came out awesome!
I'm pretty sure they are delicious as well, I haven't eaten one yet but I was covered in chocolate. 
 All of them were a little different.

We made about 2 dz.
The grinch in the middle?
oh, well I couldn't find plates to go with my theme sooo I made them. 
Not as hard as it sounds.
Clear plastic plates and printed out images from the web and some paint pens. 
Paint the outline on the back of plate and then color in the lines.
I had help with this as well. 
I tried to keep it simple and only did 3 images for the larger plates. 
The smaller plates were a little different.
I did the outline in sharpie and then acrylic paint and tried to seal it with spray paint. 
The spray paint ate the acrylic.  I did not realize the nature enemy of acrylic was spray paint.
I will still use them, I will just point out they were caught in a snow storm. 
One of the grinches looks quite insane, I will make sure he will not end up in a child's hands.
Nightmare fodder for sure. 
I am getting excited for the Christmas Eve Grinch found Christmas Party...
Want a quick look around?
Of course you do, that's why you're here.
First up is the fake mantle with sock garland. 
The penguin has no purpose, he kinda snuck in and I didn't have the heart to make him leave.
The sock garland was super easy to make.
Insert "duh" here. 
This is my fireplace wall.
Yesss, my wood stove is wearing a tutu.
A better question would be, why isn't yours? 
Even my awesome cool/hip wall got dressed up.
But not too much, it is cool after all. 
Found the stockings at a thrift store for 29 cents.
Poinsettias found last year for a quarter. 
Candy garland, found at a thrift store for under 2 dollars.
Although it was not fully put together.
Also no one knew what it was.
Yay for Pinterest and the wisdom I gained to understand the previous owners intent. 
Another look at my uber cool wall.
It's so cool, I may have to loose weight and dye my hair just to fit in. 
Up shot of candy garland 
Wall of windows rocking the bells and green ribbon 
Other side into dining area. 
Then back to the tree. 
I think after Christmas I will have a grinch bulb give away.
If anyone is interested.....
So thank you for coming with me on my tour of my living room Whooville decor.
I hope you enjoy the holidays and have a Merry Christmas.


  1. Oh what fun! Tutu on the fireplace, giant candy, stockings hung by the chimney (fantle) with care!

    It all looks great! And I'm still swooning over your wall.

    Have a wonderful Christmas Bambi.

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      Love your blog!!!