Saturday, December 10, 2011

Going against the grain.

Do you remember me complaining about my living room wall awhile back?
No?  Well, I was and I was right.
Look below and join me in the blah moment.

Here is an even bigger picture of the mishmash of objects that have no relationship to each other.  Other than being in the same room.  There is no reason and I can't even come up with a rhyme.
The color wasn't working, it looks yellow sometimes and then others it looks beige and sometime even green.  It is quite moody. 
My curtains are too short and my rug is almost as old as I am.
I have plans of making it soooo much better you won't recognize it.
I have the paint already and will be painting soon.
I also have in my head the way it needs to be laid out but I can't do that until taxes come back.
I also wanted an accent wall and that I can work on right now!!!
Below is some fencing boards I've had for years because they were suppose to turn into a fence.
They didn't.
So we smoothed them down and whitewashed them in 4 different colors, chocolate brown, grey blue, dark grey, and a tangerine. Then put them up on the wall.
They look amazing!!!! 
I am going to put one more set up but haven't gotten to it.
The boards will pop off the wall when I get it painted.
I suppose I should of painted the wall first but was too impatient to wait. 
I can't wait to be able to really make this wall awesome. 
I'm going to keep the pics and maybe the guitar but will be do something else with the art and so on. 

The wooden people use to live on the mantle, but that has been removed.
I find them periodically in different places.
So this is the beginning of my soon to be fabu living room.
So the cost for my amazing hip and cool wall is about 3 dollars for the nails.
So this is a WHOOOOOO to the HOOOOOO
I almost like my couch.
I said almost.


  1. Oooooo, the colour is gorgeous! You've done something amazing with very little money, that rocks!

  2. What a great idea! It looks amazing! I just love your blog - you have such wonderful and creative ideas!

    Blessings - Julie