Sunday, August 23, 2009

ideas for a baby shower

I am soooooo excited my niece is having her second baby and I get to throw the baby shower or rather the "baby blessing" as to not offend people stuck in tradition.
So to get back to my many ideas. I have recently stumbled upon an awesome find that was actually found a few years ago. I was going to sell them and I still may but they have definately inspired me for a theme. They are these 22 1950's glass baby bottles. That are perfectly intact. Even the nipples are in great condition. They would be great for the decorations or favors or prizes. Thinking about filling them with m & m's.
I'm going for a retro pink and blue shower. I am working on the invites right now, with a blk and wht vintage photo with a humoruous twist.
I will serve old school hor'devours like deviled eggs, wienie dogs, fondue, etc and mocktails. We will do blue drinks in martini glasses and pink in chanpagne flutes. I even found blue cherries for the blue drinks.
I'm thinking of doing a famous vintage mom guess as they come in and some door prizes. I have also come up with a hopefully simple homemade favor for everyone. Also some clothes line and oneis and socks to hang on them. Maybe a decorating station for making the onies personal. hmmmmm still many ideas that I need to whittle down. I'm not sure if I can wait until Januarary.

Monday, August 17, 2009

awesome Cafe cups

So I have finially finished painting and firing the cafe cups. Everyone has theirs and I have about 12 and hoping to sell them on Etsy. Which is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Seems Ebay is a little easier. Although I have not done as much research on Etsy as I did Ebay. I do so hope someone will fall in love with them. Either the bi-polar Phil cups or the Seasons cups or the cups of encouragement. I do love them all and I want to keep them but I am afraid I will freak out if one of my kids breaks one. So better to send them off to a new and loving home.
I am going to post all the pics of them here even if know one reads this they will have a home in the internet internity. Circling the globe and landing in strange places until someone steals my idea and becomes a millionair from their good business sense.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello out there.......(echo).....

So I've been meaning to
blog about this amazing find!!! I found
a mid-century stereo console, looks to be in great condition. Not sure what I'm going to do with it but it makes me smile. I also found a lucite spaghetti swag lamp for only 5 dollars!!!!! I am trying to sell it in order to help pay for my daughters braces. (sigh) Oh well the things you do for those you love :D. here is a pic of it.

It is such a great color and gives off this amazing warm glow. My husband thinks Mrs. Brady is still looking for it but that's because he doesn't get it.

I also finished another cassette art, this is Billy Joel. He took me alot longer than the other two. I keep geting more detail in there than I expected. So here's a shot of that one. I also have opened an Etsy account with delusions of a possible side business. Who knows maybe someone will stumble upon my creativity and be amazed and spread the word until I become the net virus and people want what I can do. ......see I told you I had delusions

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I am convinced this was going to be easier than it has been. But most of my blogging ideas were in my head and there they still are. I surf and am so amazed at the creativity of so many out there. I have still been crafting, drawing, decorating, and hope to do some sewing. I have not been taking photos, hence my lack of blogging. I am sorry for anyone who actually reads this. I am a novice and lack the wit it takes to be something other than what I am.

I have recently finished hand painting some cups and can't wait to see how they came out after the firing. I am in the middle of another cassette art (Billy Joel) but had to stop until we no longer need the fans on. You would be amazed at how fast cassette tape shifts in the wind.

I have also been helping my daughter design and come up with a skit for her (hopefully) soon to be budding clown business. We have a name, character, and costume design. Just have to pull out the sewing machine and she's been working on her accent.

I have also redone the guest room from funky teen to a welcome neutral with a little funk on the side. Got to make it interesting. :)

So got many irons in the fire and hope to come up with something by next week.

oh yeah another pic from the "Battle of the Bands" party