Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello out there.......(echo).....

So I've been meaning to
blog about this amazing find!!! I found
a mid-century stereo console, looks to be in great condition. Not sure what I'm going to do with it but it makes me smile. I also found a lucite spaghetti swag lamp for only 5 dollars!!!!! I am trying to sell it in order to help pay for my daughters braces. (sigh) Oh well the things you do for those you love :D. here is a pic of it.

It is such a great color and gives off this amazing warm glow. My husband thinks Mrs. Brady is still looking for it but that's because he doesn't get it.

I also finished another cassette art, this is Billy Joel. He took me alot longer than the other two. I keep geting more detail in there than I expected. So here's a shot of that one. I also have opened an Etsy account with delusions of a possible side business. Who knows maybe someone will stumble upon my creativity and be amazed and spread the word until I become the net virus and people want what I can do. ......see I told you I had delusions


  1. you should stick a link to your shop on here...hightlite the word you want to be the link, click on the little chain links & put in the web address you want. then ta-da! then we can find you easier!

    good luck etsying!

  2. what a great idea! Not to be a pain but could you stop by some time and show me what you just said? I am so vision oreintated that all I got was Charlie Brown adult speak.