Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grinchy Goodness

It's getting around that time again.  You know the most wonderful time of the year?
I am planning on doing a "Grinch found Christmas" theme.
Since I have many ideas I am starting now.  Right now, this very minute, as we speak.
I painted these light bulbs green.  They were burned out and I have been replacing them with energy efficient ones.  Then I put them in a box and forgot about them.
See the trend?  So now that I can find my stuff, I found them again.
So now they are painted a grinchy green  I pulled out my paint pens and had at it. 
One grinchy bulb 
Ten grinchy bulbs!

Ok, now to dig out my felt and whip up a simple hat. 
Tada...but he just looks like a troll.  On to pom-pom pillaging. 
But first more pictures! 
I'd watch out for the one in the middle, he's up to something. 
There, a little pom-pom and some fur lining and BAM!!  Grinchy Goodness!!!
Now all they need is a hook and a tree.


  1. I love them! Good job!

  2. Can the grinch be adorable? Mad skills my friend. They are amazing.

    One thing that I like about going with a theme, is that it forces you to get've done it.

  3. Those are amazing! And I am in awe of your skills.

  4. Thank you ladies :) you have made my day and inspired me to find even more grinchy goodness!

  5. So glad you posted these to the party! Thanks for your support Bambi!

  6. OMG, those are so cute! I love the Grinch, I watch it several times every holiday season.

  7. Wow!! You are an extremely talented artist! I love that these were made from recycled light bulbs. Just awesome! :)

  8. These are amazing!! I can't paint anything.

  9. WOW!! Amazing job! You are truly recycling!! Love it!!

  10. OMG. I am so impressed. These are the greatest idea I've seen all week :)
    Following you from Dittle Dattle.

  11. Bambi....You are so gifted with imagination.....Totally awesome!!!!!

  12. AWESOME !!! GREAT IDEA...I have been keeping my old light bulbs and this is it! You are really talented. Well done!

  13. Those are awesome!