Friday, October 21, 2011

What's a "T" reef?

Ok, so I was on Pinterest and saw this amazing idea.  When I clicked on it for details I ended up on a rabbit trail.  Click after click and still no directions and then finally I had success!!
Yet they were far more organized than I want to be or am capable of.
After cleaning out my craft room I had realized I have been keeping the pizza cardboard.  Why?  I have no earthly idea.   Then it clicked!  Round, wreaths are round and a friend of mine loves tea.
Eureka!!!!  Craft inspiration coming into view.

So I glued two of the boards together to strengthen.  I used wood glue because wood glue is awesome on cardboard. 
While that is drying I found some paper that went well together.
Also in colors I know she would like. 
Plus it's got a "fally" feel to it.

The third pizza round is cut out like a wreath.
Oh you will need some clothes pins but they are sooo cheap. 
I used wood glue on the clothes pins as well.
Wood glue dries pretty quick and really makes a tight bond. 
So this is the wreath after I covered it in paper.
Make small cuts all the way around to fold them onto the back.  For the middle cut an X then continue to make smaller cuts so they look like pie wedges and fold them to the back and glue. 
Don't forget to cut a round piece of paper to glue on the back.
I also glued a braided ribbon around the edge to hide all my sloppy work. 
Also glue on strips of paper to the clothes pins...I guess you could paint then but I opted out.
Arrange your clothes pins where you want them and then glue down. 
Yeah, I coordinated the color of the tea.  I like tea but I love coffee.
My friend likes it.  The reason for having one is so when people come over they know what kind of tea is available.
I asked my daughter to run to the craft room to get the tea wreath.  She ran off and time ticked on.  I thought to myself, " hmmmmm I wonder if she knows what I meant"  I hear her come back up.  "Mom, what's a T reef?"  I went back down and showed her what I had made.  She said it was cool, and what was it.  I explained the concept and what I was trying to do.  That is when it hit, this was the "tea wreath"!!!
She burst into laughter as she explained what imagery was in her head.  Now I want to make a T that looks like a reef.

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