Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Number 2 "the tutorial returns" awesome lanterns

This is the greatest idea ever!! well at least right now.

What you will need:
2 Dollar Store metal baskets
some ribbon and scissors

Found these amazing color baskets at the dollar tree.
Ok first step ....take off the handles and put aside we will use them.

So you're baskets look like this. Then take your pliers and pull off the handle thingy. You only need to do one basket.

Then bend one of the handles to become the hook or not it's a choice thing. I just didn't want to waste a handle.

Take the other handle and insert it to the bottom of one basket. You can take the pliers and squeeze the gap so it doesn't fall out.

Then cut some pieces of ribbon to tie the two baskets together. I used four just to secure it. I have also (on other pieces) used three on one side, like a hinge and then a bow in the front. So I could access it for tea lights or better yet battery tea lights. They look awesome with many bunched together, or other colors. I so thought it would be a great lantern for party decorations, a funky purse or lunch pail (just add a button for a latch) and also a fun lamp shade by cutting a hole in the top and adding a light. I love looking at them and finding ways to use them for something other than a basket. I hope you will too.


  1. Awww thank you soooo much :)

  2. Love this! I'll be featuring in my week in review tomorrow!

  3. WOW that is awesome!! I feel so, <3
    Thank you Joanne

  4. Those are so beautiful!!!! Thanks lady!

  5. thanks so much Valencia! :)

  6. I really loved this idea! So much so I wanted to make some for my porch. Love them! :)

  7. oh Sarah those are beautiful! I love them :) I've had mine outside for a month and only the orange one has faded a little. You must tell me how they fare with candles. Thanks so much for the comment.

  8. what a clever idea. I'll have to try this.

  9. Thanks JenW and check out Sarah's they are awesome!!

  10. This is being featured on my blog:

    Good idea!

    By the way, I found you at Dollar Store Crafts!