Thursday, December 23, 2010

Whatcha doin?

So whatcha doin?

Blogging again?!?!?!  REALLY?!?!?
Think they care?

Maybe not but I'm gonna do it anyway.

                                   Really easy to modify the snowflake ornaments to uber tacky.
Find odd, make no sense little dodads.  Over the years of finding pieces of broken toys or lost Barbie shoes. I have quite the collection.  I thought I would use some of it.
break off one point for ribbon insert.  Then hot glue random stuff with a paper circle on the back so as to write the year on it when done.  So they can remember when they got the wost gift ever.
Each one is different.

I then stuck them on a foam tree with pins.  Everyone in bloggyland has been making beautiful trees out of these.  I decided to rebel.

This is it complete.....TADA!
The perfect touch of hideous.
Maybe they can use them next year at a random ornament swap party.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Opening up a can of ........

I love, love reading so many blogs and am getting better at marking them and pointing others to their creative mastery.  I was inspired by this one blog and would post the actual craft she did but I can't find it now, (I said I was getting better, not got it down to perfection.).

So I opened a can of peas and instead of tossing them into the recycle bin I washed them. Just so I could do this

Yes, I painted it!  Amazing huh?
It was only the first step.  The next one is this.

Wrap beads around it.  I found this garland at the thrift store but you can find these kind of necklaces at the dollar store.  In bundles to boot.
So you wrap it around until there is no room.  Hot glue the beginning and end and random places.

Then you can slip in the green foam I got at the Dollar Tree ( 2 for $1)
Now it is ready for amazing flower decoration.

I made two :) and will be putting some fake flowers in.  I am looking for tacky to go with the rest of my theme.  Aunt Peaches did these coffee filter flowers that were amazing (am I saying amazing too much?)  They have absolutely no resemblance to coffee filters.

Why yes, that is another cake stand (idea stolen from because she is amazing too!)

One of my favorite friends (you know who you are) was talking about making one, but one for the whole year.  That could stay on her table all year round.  So since my hot glue burns had finally healed and I forgot how much they had hurt.  I decided I would make her one, with flowers and butterflies.

Why yes, I did burn myself again. It is blistering right now.

It is colorful and cheerful and she will love it!
The burns are worth it.  But sssshhhhhhh don't tell her she sometimes reads this blog.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Tacky

Some of you ( two maybe) may wonder....retro-tacky?!?!?!?  why?  So I will tell you, my son is from another marriage and we don't have him on Christmas every other year.  It was hard on us as a family because we felt like we weren't complete.  It was especially hard on my daughter, as her big brother hung the moon in her eyes.  Well, at least when she was little, the teenage years have changed a few perceptions.  So I tried to distract her by doing "themes" for Christmas.  The first year was "White as Snow" so anything white or snow related was sought out or made or found.  It became fun and something to look forward to.  Then came "Nutcracker"," Peanuts", "red and gold, and so on.  This year's inspiration was a tacky thing I found at the thrift store.  Combined with memories of my Christmas past. 

I, like many people my age, didn't grow up with perfect Christmases and coordinating colors.  It was whatever, all thrown together, and covered with LOTS of tinsel.  I love my mom but she was not an interior decorator or had an eye.  She could bake the pants off anyone but when it came to that it was not her forte'.
If I only had a photo of her lime green polyester pants and pink shirt.  To which I fondly remember, and I am sure my daughter will have similar memories of me.
 It has also been 5 years since my dad died.  It was a week after Christmas.  The last time I spoke to him was the day before and we were talking about the present I sent him, 50lbs of bird seed sent by the nearest store so he didn't have to lift anything.  I live on the other side of the country and hadn't been able to see him for many years.  He never got to meet my daughter in person.
 There's just a lot of stuff caught up in Christmas that's not always joyful.  It's called life, and it can be hard. 

So I tell you all of that so I can share this......As I was working on my tacky tree I realized I didn't have nearly enough ornaments!  I had too many that were, well, tasteful.  So off to the thrift store with a few bucks and a lot of prayer.  Then as I came around the corner lo and behold a box full of them!!!  As I was heading to the cash register with my treasure I looked down and saw some "old school" lights.  The ones that will incinerate your tree if used? yeah those are the ones.  I was giddy with excitement!  I will use one strand for the mantle (the yellow,pink, white, and blue ones) and decided to figure something out with the red and green ones.
 I was unwinding them, while talking on the phone.  I thought the owners were pure genius for wrapping them around what I thought was a magazine.  I got down to the end and started screaming!!!  My friend on the line was fixing to get her car keys before I explained to her what was going on.  What I thought was a magazine was actually a Sears and Roebucks sales ad.  The date?  December 24th 1969!!!!!!   The retro found me!!!!!!   I was delirious!  Not only was that amazing, but one of the things advertised, was one of my Christmas presents when I was a kid.
Isn't that AWESOME!!!

I framed them.

I also have developed a great appreciation for all my parents did for me and my siblings.
The lights alone, took me forever to get this one strand up.  Every time I separated them, they would swing back and get tangled again.  The metal hooks attached to the lights might of had something to  do with it. 
 :/  yeah

The very last one was the comic page.  It was full of comics no longer even spoken of, like Pogo, Andy Capp, Lil Abner, Dick Tracy, Mary Worth ahhhhh the flashbacks.
Last night I dug out some old pics with my niece and she found one of a Christmas tree when I was a kid.  She held it up and look at my tree and said "It looks the same"
I smiled and knew I had achieved my goal.

Christmas means so much but bringing it all together, the laughter, the tears, the family and embarrassment, the good, the bad and the tacky.  That's what will carry on, that's what it is to be loved. 
So Merry Christmas to you all, may your prayers be answered, may you feel loved, and my your tree be tacky.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yet, more stuff wonderfully tacky

So I last left you with my dilemma.  My topless tree!!
Had a great debate on Facebook about what would be great.  Giant multi-colored pom-pom, a bullet covered star, a wad of tinsel, and even a creepy clown faced yo-yo doll in Christmas colors.
All of them excellent suggestions. 
 I went with one not suggested because I had it laying around the house.

Can you guess what it is?  Go ahead and try, I will not be grading your answers.

Nope, it's not an ornament.  Nothing that normal.  Gotta remember the theme here, people.

Ok I'll tell you.  It's an old light globe spray painted silver and highlighted with red.

Thought it looked kinda space-agey.

Other things, ummmmm I tied up a knitted monkey with Christmas beads.

He was going on the tree but, the sock monkey won.

This is where I put my candlesticks.  I spray painted some bottles to accost you visually. 
Is it working?
Hermie slipped on the ice again!  I don't know what kind of elf juice he's on but he can't remain standing.  I think Rudolph is calling 911

I amped up my shelf with some bright green poinsettias.
I also moved Hermie and Rudolph.  They seem to be doing better. 
 Could be because they are always being watched.

I liked the screaming vases but it was lacking something.

Accomplished with silver glitter bows, and red, and green glitter squiggly things.
Someone mentioned to me. my mantle look Suessical.  I went on to tell them my retro tacky idea.

\But in the back of my mind a telegraphic message was sent to do a "Grinch Who Stole Christmas"
theme next year.  I can see it now, primary colors, made up words and things, a feasting on Who Pudding and Roast Beast.

I am also having a retro/tacky Christmas Eve party.  I will be encouraging everyone to come in their ugly Christmas sweater, or maybe lime green polyester pants with pink shirt.  I am excited!!!  Have to remember to take lots of pics and then figure out how to make them look like old Polaroids.
I will share, don't worry.  :)
Until then, make Christmas fun!!
What a thought, huh?

Oh P.S. I have another post about an amazing find that made me cry with joy, and squeal with delight.
Give me a few days.  I can't believe how much I have been posting.  The more people read the more I have to say........Be afraid, be very afraid.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Let the tacky-retro decorating begin!!!!!!!

I was soo inspired by the thrift store find I have decided to make it my theme.
So first up are these, oh so boring brown candlestick stands. 
A trip to Homedepot and presto-chango........

Although they are not tacky, but kinda cool.  I like it!

Some glitter bows and ribbon and candles and we have transformation.

Now we move on to the tree, at first I didn't have enough ornaments but I took a trip
to the thrift store and found a box for only $1.97.  I couldn't see in the box and didn't really know what I was getting into but as I peeled away the layers.  My excitement grew with each wooden ornament, and made in Japan things.  Still not sure what they are.

Still need more tinsel

I went to WalMart today and as I was wondering around, I couldn't believe my eyes!
I had wished for it the other day but didn't know they existed.

Can you believe it?!?!?!!?!?   I had found a bright green sock monkey!!
I think I even squealled with delight.

My last dilemma is this.........

What to put on top??
I have a santa hat with felt cookies on it or a glass globe that is silver with red dots.
Will update when decision is made.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well it is, at my kitchen door.
My son brought up the boxes last night.  I think I'm probably behind everyone in bloggerland but I'm not a professional and you can try this at home.

I had my theme down, yes I like doing themes.  They make me smile and help me to make something look good instead of good enough.  I have been guilty of hurling the tinsel on the tree and calling it a good day.
So far I have done a "white as snow", "nutcracker", "peanuts", this year it is "retro tacky"
I am excited. 
So I whipped up this wreath with stuff lying around, cheap green garland, and a wood bead garland.  I then found these kitchen ornaments and went digging for my vintage cookie cutters and other stuff.

Next up, was more wooden bead garlands and an old sled I found discarded.
I've been meaning to paint it but the rust works.
I then butchered my holly tree and threw the branches in an Ikea trashcan.

This last piece is the perfect touch of tacky.
Found today in a thrift store for 1.97.
I love it!!!!

Someone really did put a lot of work and love into this.
It's been hand sewn, with felt, and gold ric-rac.
What else screams retro tacky?
I want to find ray guns, and sock monkeys in vibrant colors to put on my tree.
That is what is up next.
I wish I had all those odd ornaments from my childhood.  You know the ones, when you just wondered why? as you hung it on the tree.  This is the time to pull out all those misfit decorations, you don't need Rudolph showing the way, you know where they are.  I say celebrate the mooning Santa's!
Laughter is awesome.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

All I want for Christas is multi rolls of Duck Tape (assorted colors)

I love Duck Tape and yes I mean Duck Tape so all of you who have an over whelming desire to let me know duct tape is spell  D U C T.  I am here to say I'm not talking about that kind but the  D U C K kind.  They are the ones that have lots of colors and print.  I have seen zebra print and have put that on my list too.

Yes you can make wallets out of it.  I have not tried it yet, too many people have already done that.  I have redid a pleather 70's brown couch.

It took a few rolls (like 10 black and 3 mondo extra strength grey) to do the sides and arms and bottom.
I then did a few coats of acrylic to seal it up.  This couch is in the youth building of our church.  I redecorated it to look urban cool.
 So why am I showing that?  Well, it was a couple of years ago. 
This is my new problem.  My cheap boots has begun to disintegrate and I don't want to throw them away.  They are not real leather but real pleather so I flashed back to the couch.
Why couldn't I do the same with these.

I held them up and saw not only black duck tape but flashes of red as well.
Could be the influence of cartoons and superheroes.
I have nothing to loose but boots that were heading to the trash anyway.

Bam! just like that they have been transformed!!

I am now ready to take on any super villain!
If not I have more black to make them look....well, black.
PS.  Those are not my legs but that of my lovely daughter.

So if people love me and know me send me Duck Tape :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Goose has been Stuffed

I am so excited, I finished my task yesterday.  I had this idea and posted it  The time came and they were ready and gone.  So I was able to get in there (with a close friend) and do it up.  At first it felt like I didn't have enough stuff.  But as it was finishing up, it felt warm and welcoming and celebrated without being over done.  They have little kids and I wanted them to enjoy it without worrying something would be destroyed.

Also, they had just found out they were hosting the family Christmas this year.  First time ever and it made the time chosen for decorating an even bigger blessing.

Yes, once again I forgot the before pics, dang my swiss cheese brain.  So you will have to picture in your mind, white walls, tan couches, mini-blinds and a tv.

This may not be an extreme holiday make-over because I don't have that kind of funds.
This is frugal 101 make over.
By the way forgive my bad typing I have burn blisters on my figer tips :( dang glue gun.

This a wreath I made for 3 dollars for the little girl.  First go to dollar store and purchase 2 feather boas and a wreath.  Use left over balls and ribbon.  Or what ever you have handy.
This is it hanging next to her bedroom door.  In order to transfer the color to everywhere we used some awesome Target $1 roll wrapping paper on the doors.

Using the dollar store hurricanes we dressed up the mantle.
The sticks were spray painted and while still wet threw some salt on them.  Gave it a frosty look and then stuff red pompoms in the branches.
Used a green table runner (dollar store) to tie in the colors.
Have ya noticed the dollar store theme yet?

This is my gingy boy cake stand.  With no cake, or cookies.  Total gift fail on that but I threw some pretty
fake berries and pinecones on it later.

Close-up and trying to be artist with my photography.

This is the curtain I made before going over there in.  It took maybe 20 mins.  The fabric was 2 bucks a yard and the snowflakes were, yep, you guess it dollar store.
Have I told you I hate sewing?
So using my iron and trusty fusing tape we made the curtains.
It will not handle tarzn swinging on it but I figure if someone is stupid enough to try to swing on a curtain they deserve to fall on their butt.

These are the kidlets without really showing them because I forgot to ask permission to post pics

This is the memory wreath with their hand prints

Dining area and one of the kids, shoot pretend she's not there.

This is the dot garland I made out of cardstock and ribbon.

So anyway that was what we did.  I also bought them a rug for jr to crawl on.
It really does feel different than when we first got there.  The warmth and welcome hugs you when you step in.  Yay for Christmas!!!
After me and my friend left we both looked at each other and said "we really need to go back and paint their house." 
So this could be......... continued?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Christmas stuff

This here is a wreath I made with dollar store stuff.
Bought a wood wreath and wrapped it with ribbon.  Also bought at the dollar store, bow, sign, foam for hand cut outs, pom-poms, and the left over candy canes from a garland.
The things I made were those lollipops from 40 cent wood cut-outs and chopsticks. Glue two to chopstick and paint and add glitter.  Then use small ribbon to cover the edges.  This is for the family I mention previously, so I went over to outline their children's hands.  The foam sheets last so much better than paper.
I also added stickers to mark the year.

I also made another cake stand.  This one I went for a nature inspired feel.

Once again dollar store goodies inside and inserted into Styrofoam disc that is secured to bowl by hot glue.
Glue bowls together with glue for glass.

This is the back side.

Once again  Tada!!

I am going to go decorate the family's living room sometime this week.  So hope to post pics of the completed room. :)