Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yet, more stuff wonderfully tacky

So I last left you with my dilemma.  My topless tree!!
Had a great debate on Facebook about what would be great.  Giant multi-colored pom-pom, a bullet covered star, a wad of tinsel, and even a creepy clown faced yo-yo doll in Christmas colors.
All of them excellent suggestions. 
 I went with one not suggested because I had it laying around the house.

Can you guess what it is?  Go ahead and try, I will not be grading your answers.

Nope, it's not an ornament.  Nothing that normal.  Gotta remember the theme here, people.

Ok I'll tell you.  It's an old light globe spray painted silver and highlighted with red.

Thought it looked kinda space-agey.

Other things, ummmmm I tied up a knitted monkey with Christmas beads.

He was going on the tree but, the sock monkey won.

This is where I put my candlesticks.  I spray painted some bottles to accost you visually. 
Is it working?
Hermie slipped on the ice again!  I don't know what kind of elf juice he's on but he can't remain standing.  I think Rudolph is calling 911

I amped up my shelf with some bright green poinsettias.
I also moved Hermie and Rudolph.  They seem to be doing better. 
 Could be because they are always being watched.

I liked the screaming vases but it was lacking something.

Accomplished with silver glitter bows, and red, and green glitter squiggly things.
Someone mentioned to me. my mantle look Suessical.  I went on to tell them my retro tacky idea.

\But in the back of my mind a telegraphic message was sent to do a "Grinch Who Stole Christmas"
theme next year.  I can see it now, primary colors, made up words and things, a feasting on Who Pudding and Roast Beast.

I am also having a retro/tacky Christmas Eve party.  I will be encouraging everyone to come in their ugly Christmas sweater, or maybe lime green polyester pants with pink shirt.  I am excited!!!  Have to remember to take lots of pics and then figure out how to make them look like old Polaroids.
I will share, don't worry.  :)
Until then, make Christmas fun!!
What a thought, huh?

Oh P.S. I have another post about an amazing find that made me cry with joy, and squeal with delight.
Give me a few days.  I can't believe how much I have been posting.  The more people read the more I have to say........Be afraid, be very afraid.

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