Saturday, December 4, 2010

All I want for Christas is multi rolls of Duck Tape (assorted colors)

I love Duck Tape and yes I mean Duck Tape so all of you who have an over whelming desire to let me know duct tape is spell  D U C T.  I am here to say I'm not talking about that kind but the  D U C K kind.  They are the ones that have lots of colors and print.  I have seen zebra print and have put that on my list too.

Yes you can make wallets out of it.  I have not tried it yet, too many people have already done that.  I have redid a pleather 70's brown couch.

It took a few rolls (like 10 black and 3 mondo extra strength grey) to do the sides and arms and bottom.
I then did a few coats of acrylic to seal it up.  This couch is in the youth building of our church.  I redecorated it to look urban cool.
 So why am I showing that?  Well, it was a couple of years ago. 
This is my new problem.  My cheap boots has begun to disintegrate and I don't want to throw them away.  They are not real leather but real pleather so I flashed back to the couch.
Why couldn't I do the same with these.

I held them up and saw not only black duck tape but flashes of red as well.
Could be the influence of cartoons and superheroes.
I have nothing to loose but boots that were heading to the trash anyway.

Bam! just like that they have been transformed!!

I am now ready to take on any super villain!
If not I have more black to make them look....well, black.
PS.  Those are not my legs but that of my lovely daughter.

So if people love me and know me send me Duck Tape :)

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