Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Starsky and HUTCH and other 70's things

So do you remember this thing?  I can almost hear the slap bass when looking at it.
Don't worry it's not a high dollar one, it's mostly particle board and plastic molding.
Got your gold swirlies in the glass and more intricate plastic on the bottom. 
Not to mention this obnoxiously large and heavy piece of particle board and plastic on top.
I will tell you it took quite a while to unscrew the fifty million screws holding that baby on.
I will tell you it was worth it!!  After painting for a week and then trying to smash the glass without putting my eye out.  For some reason it wouldn't break, even when I smacked it with a hammer.
I really, really want to start on my living room but I have this vow about not starting something until I finished the other.  So here is my greatly improved hutch (minus Starsky, sadly, I had a crush on him when I was little) 

 Now, I can just crush on this,
Big ole difference eh?
I am not completely done, I still have to put the handles on and build a "X" wine rack for the middle shelf.  Where I have the wine now.
I spray painted the handles grey.  I wanted to find some other handles that were more modern, but after searching I can not find the same size of the ones it came with....boo 
Found this amazing fabric at Fabri Guru, so love that site!!
Fabric I can afford, with reasonable shipping and great patterns. 
Think I paid about 4 dollars a yd for this.

Ok so my staging is lacking, pizazz,.....and elegance,....taste, whatever.  It's what I had on hand and wanted to get this posted.  I will do another pic when I am able to do fabulous. 
So let's add this up, shall we?
Thirty-something for the hutch and ten bucks for the fabric.  I already had everything else!
Under 50 dollar hutch, can I get a whoot, whoot?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You're a mean one Mr. Grinch

You really are a heeeeeel....but are you a wreath?
Oh but you will be :)
Dollar Tree to the rescue!  Spray paint with green and I wanted to do moldy purple spots but I only had blue.  Blue can be moldy, right?
Then gather up a bunch of ribbon and tulle and anything else you can think of to stick on there.
I went with red and green with a little blue. 
Now cut some strips and knot that bad boy on there.
Make them different length and just have fun. 
I still had paper left over from the "pills" so I cut out circles and glued them on in random places.  Mostly "moldy purple spots" kept playing in my brain. 
Then to bring the star of the wreath out, thanks to Goodwill treasure hunting.
Now we have a totally grinchy wreath. 
He doesn't seem like the mean one, does he?
I did have to give him a butt lift because he was pooching out my wreath. 
I am still thinking of what to put in his hands, maybe a fork, or ornament, or candy cane, or sign.
So many possibilities,......hmmmm maybe a frame with a heart in it.
Why do I always end these post with a question?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Are you reeling in the years,...throwing away the limes....dadada da dee

I can hear the song in my head but I think I might be wrong with the lyrics.  I do like it though.
Look at what I found at Goodwill for 30 something!!!!!!

Why are you giving me that look?  (Looks back and dawning awareness creeps onto face)
Oh, you think I'm gonna keep it that way?
Have you met me?
Yes, it goes well with my floor, because my floor is still 70's ugly.
I am soooo hoping that a big wad of cash would drop on my lap so I can redo my kitchen.
I will definitely blog when that happens.  It will be all in caps.

I did have hesitation when looking at this.  Can I pull this off?
Can I fit it in my van?
Why am I here and have I gone a little insane? 
Maybe, and I'm here because I woke up and tore apart my dinning room!  After the printing issue and realizing I only have a desk to hold my printers that don't work.  Turned into a frenzy of ridding myself of redundant things.  Like a desk only used to hold useless printers. Sorry, repeating myself, I tend to do that when I am amazed at my stupidity.

Ok on to more of this thing.
This is the top, which is a good thing cause if it was the bottom it would fall over. 
Another reason I decided on a hutch, is my kitchen is very small.  I only have one cabinet for my dishes and glasses and mugs.  Serving dishes and so on are downstairs in the laundry room.  Some I haven't been able to reach for years.  I thought I might like to use them. 
My husband was staring at it and asked "you are going to paint that, right?"
This is amazing, as he has overcome his fear of painting wood!  I'm so proud :)

So since I got rid of my desk I had to move the orange thingy I made.
I like it over here, and the penguin just seals the deal. 
So whatcha think?
Anyone got any suggestions?
I'm gonna paint the hutch white (can't believe I'm doing that, white is hard!)
I'm also going to paint my walls a grey blue.
It looks great in my head, I know once I do that I will hate my couch.  Sigh, where does it end?????

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

They have a pill for that now....

They really do, whether it works or not or causes even more problems they still do.  Some are even worse than the original problem.  Actually my family has a long running bet on how fast the same pill they hock on tv will be the newest thing the lawyers are advertising on tv for a major action suit.
But these pills are guaranteed not to do all that not fun stuff.
They are just overflowing with cuteness.
Isn't it just awesome?!?!?
This is her link grinch pills and she's nice enough to let you use her template. 
So what is stopping me?  I am doing a Grinch found Christmas theme.  Well I bought the tic-tacs (green apple because that sounds sweet and sour) and got to playing with it.  I did not use the template and when I got around to printing out the top poem.  Not only did one my printers not work but the working printer made the grinch brown.
But it was too big for what I already did.
I wish I would learn to read instructions before I do something.
So anyway this is my spin on it. 
I used some different color craft paper.
Had to cut the poem in half and put it on both sides.
Added a fun ribbon and mod podged it on there. 
Put a funky kinda star thing on front to bring back the reason for Christmas. 
Some big hearts on the top 
Oh yeah, the reason the Grinch's are green?  I hand painted each printed Grinch and went back over his face with a very thin marker.  Yeah, not a quick craft my way, at all and I don't recommend it.
They still work and I WILL hand them out.  I will not hoard them.
I will not think about it or how long it took to make.  I will refrain from their cuteness.
I will give them out to encourage people and not hand them to people who are grouchy
I will :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Crayola out of the box

Alas Pinterest, I have become such a copycat, all in thanks to you.
So many ideas, so many things I want to do.  Now that I have time I find myself creating things for people I haven't met yet.
Ok sooooo the melted crayon art is soooo cool.  I love it!  Then when I was re-organizing my craft room I found multi packs of crayons.   You just know what is coming next!
Although I did my spin on it.  By adding duck tape (of course) on the sides and a cute bird house on the bottom.
This is where I really wish I had a heat gun.
  Melting the crayons with a blow dryer made it all blown looky.
I still feel like I need to add something to it.  Flowers?  Raindrops?  Fog...
I just really don't know but I thought I'd throw it out there and be open for suggestions.
The cost was FREE, just the stuff I had around.

Ok, I finally put my big girl panties on and just went and did something.  It's been sitting down there unfinished for weeks.  I have made a pledge (to myself, didn't want to drag someone into this, they may hold me to my word) to finish what I started before I start something else.
So getting off my butt and doing it TAADAAAAA!!!!
I went back over it with more crayon but this time it was through my cheap dollar store hot glue gun.
It really smoothed it out and I was able to be more precise with my melting.  I also added cut out flower splotches thingies.  It brought a lightness and drifting to it, that I was hoping for.
You know what the best part of finishing this up is?  Being done is good, freeing up more room is better but the best is I got to spend time with my daughter the whole time.  She was finishing up a painting too.
Look to the left, isn't it cute?  She has so much more talent than I had at that age. 
All in all it was a good Saturday.  :)