Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Starsky and HUTCH and other 70's things

So do you remember this thing?  I can almost hear the slap bass when looking at it.
Don't worry it's not a high dollar one, it's mostly particle board and plastic molding.
Got your gold swirlies in the glass and more intricate plastic on the bottom. 
Not to mention this obnoxiously large and heavy piece of particle board and plastic on top.
I will tell you it took quite a while to unscrew the fifty million screws holding that baby on.
I will tell you it was worth it!!  After painting for a week and then trying to smash the glass without putting my eye out.  For some reason it wouldn't break, even when I smacked it with a hammer.
I really, really want to start on my living room but I have this vow about not starting something until I finished the other.  So here is my greatly improved hutch (minus Starsky, sadly, I had a crush on him when I was little) 

 Now, I can just crush on this,
Big ole difference eh?
I am not completely done, I still have to put the handles on and build a "X" wine rack for the middle shelf.  Where I have the wine now.
I spray painted the handles grey.  I wanted to find some other handles that were more modern, but after searching I can not find the same size of the ones it came with....boo 
Found this amazing fabric at Fabri Guru, so love that site!!
Fabric I can afford, with reasonable shipping and great patterns. 
Think I paid about 4 dollars a yd for this.

Ok so my staging is lacking, pizazz,.....and elegance,....taste, whatever.  It's what I had on hand and wanted to get this posted.  I will do another pic when I am able to do fabulous. 
So let's add this up, shall we?
Thirty-something for the hutch and ten bucks for the fabric.  I already had everything else!
Under 50 dollar hutch, can I get a whoot, whoot?


  1. This turned out great! Good Job!!!

  2. No way that's the same piece! Magnificent! It's sleek and sophisticated now. Beautiful fabric, great lines, wonderful colour.

    You actually did start on your living room; this is part of it, no?

    It was well worth all of your hard work.