Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You're a mean one Mr. Grinch

You really are a heeeeeel....but are you a wreath?
Oh but you will be :)
Dollar Tree to the rescue!  Spray paint with green and I wanted to do moldy purple spots but I only had blue.  Blue can be moldy, right?
Then gather up a bunch of ribbon and tulle and anything else you can think of to stick on there.
I went with red and green with a little blue. 
Now cut some strips and knot that bad boy on there.
Make them different length and just have fun. 
I still had paper left over from the "pills" so I cut out circles and glued them on in random places.  Mostly "moldy purple spots" kept playing in my brain. 
Then to bring the star of the wreath out, thanks to Goodwill treasure hunting.
Now we have a totally grinchy wreath. 
He doesn't seem like the mean one, does he?
I did have to give him a butt lift because he was pooching out my wreath. 
I am still thinking of what to put in his hands, maybe a fork, or ornament, or candy cane, or sign.
So many possibilities,......hmmmm maybe a frame with a heart in it.
Why do I always end these post with a question?

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  1. how adorable, if the grinch can be adorable. what a super creative idea. love it!