Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yes, I ripped off this idea

Ok so over at http://sunnyslifeinrehab.blogspot.com/ is this amazing woman who comes up with some awesome ideas.  She is funny and down to earth and I think this is the first time I have ever tried the link thing.  So bear with me as I am now in unknown territory.  At least unknown to me.

So back before Halloween she made a cake stand out of three bowls and a plate.  It was cute and I decided to use the idea to make a Christmas one.
 This is the stuff I am using, all found at the dollar store.
The back side, I made a snowman out of ornaments and toothpicks
The hat is scrap paper

I also bought a Styrofoam disc that I covered in fluff and hot glued to bowl.

I popped the plastic candy canes off the garland.

Glued the bowls together.  All objects inside have been glued and secured so they don't move.

This is the backside.  Really hard to take a picture and not have flash jack it up.

This is it complete!  Tada!!

Thank you so much http://sunnyslifeinrehab.blogspot.com/ for your wonderful idea.


  1. hahahaha, this is so cute! I totally want to serve a little dessert on this. I might take this idea too :)

  2. thanks Moe, and I sure hope you do. So many things you can put in there. I can see a birthday one too, with candles running away :) hahahah

  3. Bambi! You didn't tell me you made the cake stand! Would you like to be featured? Email me!

    By the way, your email came up as:

    Mine was like that for a year, and I had no idea. Here's how to fix it:


  4. Sunny I tried to fix my problem with the email. I think I achieved it, but I have deluded myself before.
    I think being featured would be totally awesome!! I tried emailing not sure if it worked. Help, Iam completely hopeless and internet moronic.