Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Security Shirts

Wow had to shake some serious cobwebs off my brain.  I decided I was going to make special security shirts for the Retro Zombie Ball, that is my son's birthday.  I would find some bright colored t-shirts and silkscreen them.  I learned how to do this back in high school.  Yeah, a few decades ago.  So I find some supplies in a thrift store and came up with my design.  So far it's a piece of cake.  I get out the drawing fluid and I'm like hmmmmmmm never used this.  We had to hand cut or use the machine in high school.
That's ok I can fake my way through.  It's a little lumpy but I'll work with it.  I followed the directions (which is a rarity for me) and then apply the screen filler after the other was completely dry.

So I rinse it and what was suppose to be the drawing fluid is suppose to come off.  In theory it worked but not so much with my reality.  So I started scrubbing a little to help it.  Then more than I wanted, started to come off.  This simple project is going south.  So I stop and figure, "well I'll just hand paint the gaps".  I am now on day two of this project and the party is Sunday!  Ok I remained calm and I carried on.

Unbelievable the amount of information I have forgotten.  I finally finished them and now they hang drying and still I am not done.  I still have to heat set them and wash them.  To find out if it really worked.  So I post a picture of them now just in case they dissolve and I burst into tears.

My husband wanted to put a teenager target thingy on it.  I gently reminded him we were not out to get the teenagers, that it was a party for them.  He is the head of the security and needed as there will be over a hundred teenagers there. 
It's funny about 15 years ago I use to bar tend and bounce in a heavy metal bar, that had live music every night.  I am applying all my knowledge into this event.  Just without the alcohol.

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