Saturday, November 13, 2010

Part Two of the Retro Zombie Ball.......

The food was amazing and sooooo creepy.  Why yes that is guacamole in the skull head.  What else could it be?

The benches looked great although we weren't allowed to use the fog machine.  Something about setting off alarms and fire dept.

The cupcake stand worked!!!  With a few modifications of course.  The chains just added to the vibe even more.

Everyone loved the dip heads, although I now have them staring at me while I type this.

The centerpiece was easy, moss mat from dollar store with little skulls and vase and glitter skull.
The mini coffins were a sacrifice of extreme love.  Both me and my husband was up past midnight folding and taping together.  Just so I could put gummi brains in them.  And various other candy body parts.

I was hoping to have more dead roses in the vases but I only had an hour to set everything up and a lot of teenagers helping me.  Yeah, so I am happy that it got done.

Party dippers.  :)

We did have security to restrain any stray zombie but then it became fun.  And they found reasons to attack and restrain.

The melon brains were too good.  No one knew they were edible until I ripped one open.  Now there could be brain feasting.

The stand held up so well.  It also now sits here staring at me next to the dip heads.  With these words emanating "now whatcha gonna do?"  To which I sigh "I don't know".  Can't throw you away, and don't know who wants you.


  1. The decorations look AMAZING!! I love it! Glad everyone had a good time! The coffins are super cute!

  2. thanks Kerry! I am glad everyone had a good time and it's taken a few days to let go of my expectations. I was even pondering the idea of doing an annual Zombie Ball. But then my sanity came back. :)