Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Christmas stuff

This here is a wreath I made with dollar store stuff.
Bought a wood wreath and wrapped it with ribbon.  Also bought at the dollar store, bow, sign, foam for hand cut outs, pom-poms, and the left over candy canes from a garland.
The things I made were those lollipops from 40 cent wood cut-outs and chopsticks. Glue two to chopstick and paint and add glitter.  Then use small ribbon to cover the edges.  This is for the family I mention previously, so I went over to outline their children's hands.  The foam sheets last so much better than paper.
I also added stickers to mark the year.

I also made another cake stand.  This one I went for a nature inspired feel.

Once again dollar store goodies inside and inserted into Styrofoam disc that is secured to bowl by hot glue.
Glue bowls together with glue for glass.

This is the back side.

Once again  Tada!!

I am going to go decorate the family's living room sometime this week.  So hope to post pics of the completed room. :)

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