Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm still here.....

Still gathering things for my living room transformation.
I found a pair of matching brass lamps at Goodwill, both for under 8 dollars.
whooohooo score!
It seemed simple, sand and paint.
I've seen pictures all over the place of before and afters, surely I can master that....right?
How can it fail?
(Sorry for the fuzzy pics, in moving things around my camera went missing.
So these are those handy cell phone pictures, everyone is raving about.)

I chose an orange color to pop in front of my dark chocolate roman shades and to also bring a touch of the color across the room. It's amazing in my head, sometimes I spend too much time there.
I even rewired them.  That was a lot easier than the painting.
What you can't see in these pictures is the drips and splotches.
I tried to paint them outside but the sun made the metal hot in one area and the wind cold in the other.
So the paint dried all funny.
It is not breath taking.
Or amazing.
Trust me I will fake it and hide it so you will not know unless your nose is sticking to it.

Looking at the below picture you are probably thinking,..."how is that going to go in that room?!?!" 
Truuuuust me, it's all in good time my dear, allllll in good time.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not a Moody Blue

Still sitting......
If confused read previous posts of whining.

I dragged a stool to the wall and pop opened my cans of paint.
I can at least sit and paint, right?

It was NOT a moody blue as I had picked out and hoped for. 
It's more of a nursery baby blue.  >:/

< Insert sigh of defeat here >

Ok, so pack up the paint and wait til I have some spare legs and head back to HD
The lady at the counter was totally awesome and a wizard at remaking the color.
I think she nailed it
top-previous color
middle-nursery baby blue
bottom-moody blue

< now you can insert sigh of relief >

We got back our tax refund I had been waiting for.  It was not as much as I had hoped and dissipated quite rapidly.  So much so, my head is still spinning.
I was not able to get a fabulous new couch but I did get a fabulous new to me couch :) 
I am now playing with the fabric to cover the pillows I have.
I'm thinking the chevron looks pretty awesome.

Rooo agrees.

The other night (a day after the sweet men in the house drag this home, after a 2 hr drive to retrieve it) there was a kinda surprise party for me and it really came in handy.
From a couch that fit 3 to one that had 8 people on it.  It was sooooo worth it.  I only paid 150 for it.
It's almost the same color as the chairs, which was accidentally awesome.
I can't wait to paint the walls and get everything moved to where it will be best utilized.
Oh I am also moving stuff around on my accent wall.  Here is a quick peak.
It's a small tribute to things that reflect my husband.
My favorite part?
That I can just shove the glass shelve between the slats until it's nice and tight and have  an instant shelf.  Taaaa-daaa
Ok am I wearing out the ta-da's?

Monday, February 6, 2012

mixed media

So I was inspired a few weeks back.
This was my original idea.
It was inspired by a much loved short movie called "The Red Balloon"
When I was a child they play it in school for us.
Having found the movie again and being just as emotional as I was as a child.
I was reflecting on why.

It was simple, we all want a friend.
One that is big and red and floats around and only comes to you and not everyone just makes it better.

I kinda liked my original piece but wanted to do more, actually do more beyond my ability.
So I cut out the part I did like and decided to do a mix medium. 
What I truly wanted to do was draw something like this.
Or paint it with such perfection it alone would make you weep.
Then I came back to reality and decided to do what I can.
Found a piece of wood that I am not really sure what it use to be or where it came from.
Threw some paint on it (blue) and then added layers of different blue to go along the grain.
Then I used some powdered 24kt gold mixed in with some gold paint. 
Then I brought in some ModPodge and sealed it up. 
put a string on the balloon.
and Ta-Da!!
Stay gold pony-boy!
Now I'm mixing my movies.