Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ah Hoo Horaay Welcome Christmas, Christmas time

Wait...What?!?  How does tomato cages go with Christmas?
It's simple my dear, Christmas time is near.
The picture down below is really what I would have if I had the financial flow. 
It's awesome, it's amazing
It's Whooville in icing

But all of that is way beyond my budget, which is why I dug up my tomato cage.
So clean it off, flip it over and manipulate it until it looks like a Whoville tree.
Wrap around some bright green garland.
Stick a big ole star on top 
Stand back look at it, make faces and move it around.

Then have a dawning thought about previous project. 
Go find project and add the Christmas sign.

Realize they were made to go together and put outside.

Ignore spider webs, as they need Christmas too .
Yes there, ya go, now it's looking like a Grinchy Christmas. 
So, one free used tomato cage and 3 things of garland.  If I was smart I would of bought the garland last year when it went on sale.
So not a big money saver but still under 20 dollars.......
Whovillian TAAAA-DAAAA!!!


  1. This makes me smile :) Fabulous reuse and the wreath definitely makes the wonky tree make sense. Just adorable!

  2. Hi Bambi,

    May I use one of your images from this blog for my blog called How to Throw a Grinch Inspired Christmas Party. My website is Thank you for your consideration.

    Lindsey Bednar

    1. yep, but at least throw a little credit my way :)