Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm back and reflecting

So I was sitting in my bedroom and was still tickled with how it came out.
I was just really thankful for everything in it and the people who helped me.
The awesome chair given to me in an old post.
The sweet "i love you because" diy art that even my daughter now uses.
 So many things in here that make me smile
Those awesome floating shelves I found at a thrift store.
When asked how much they were, they said "those things? about free." 
Then I found a couple of Easter baskets for 10 cents and spray painted them grey.
Yes, I know, my window treatment is still pretty horrible.  Still plotting on that. 
The green makes me happy.
Speaking of thankfulness and green.
We decorated our tree last night, very late for most people, I know.
Yet, I am ok with that. 
So everyone was pitching in this year.
If you were in the house you were decorating the tree. 
Rooo was in charge of guarding the sparkly stuff.

There was much excitement over participating in the festivities. 
It was evident on all their faces. 
I have a tendency to gather random teens. 
Loving my wall even more!! 
Ok back to the tree.
Are you ready?!?!?
This is my cartoonish grinchy Christmas tree TAAAA-DAAAAAAA!!! 
Having the teens decorate helped in achieving random and bizarre.
It's perfect!!!! 
I am excited to finish up the decorating and adding to what they have accomplished.
So much to be grateful for.
I think the reason I don't start on Christmas early is because Christmas never goes away.
It lives in my heart everyday.

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  1. Love all the tinsel and bold colors! So fun and festive!