Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stuff that has been happening

This is our cat Kiki.
Isn't he cute?  We love him very much.
Last Monday I found him in the yard just sitting and staring.  It was odd and he hadn't been in to eat in over
24 hrs.  Which just doesn't happen,....unless something is wrong.
Something was wrong.  I picked him up and he cried.  Not meow but cried.  I ran him inside, didn't see any blood but something was wrong!  I brought him to the vet hosp and dropped him off.  They called later to let me know there were no wounds but he was dehydrated and running a fever.  They gave him fluids and then found out he had bruising and an odd lump.  They wanted extensive tests and quoted a price.  I was sad, we can not come up with that kind of money.  I told them and they said to pick him up.
I went to pick him up but they wouldn't release him because the dr had ordered x-rays and decided not to charge us.  Yay for good dr.s that really want to help.  So he stayed another night.
The next day they said we could take him home.  I had hopes it wasn't as bad as I thought.
When I got there and asked for explanation of what was wrong with Kiki.  I was shown the x-ray and told that someone had kicked him so hard that it broke his breastplate in two.  That there is now a inch gap and it is a compound fracture. 
I had recently watched Priest and was wishing for some swords to hunt down the evil that did this to poor Kiki.
I brought him home in tears because there is nothing we can do for him.  My husband went to the vet hospital to get more information.  I grew up on a farm and animals with this much damage get put down because you love them.  I don't want him to live in pain the rest of his life.  We found out that the 800 dollar surgery would be no guarantee to make him better and he wasn't in as much pain as it looked.  He just will no longer be able to jump, climb, run, or protect himself.  Which is still really sad.  So poor Kiki will no longer jump up and stick his face in my laptop to see what I'm doing.  Truly my heart is broken, he has always been my muse.
The one more broken hearted than I is my sweet husband.  It is his cat and sometimes an extension of himself.

So the apologies were from many things going on in my life that has kept me away from my blog.  There are more things but I usually don't share that on here.  There truly is a season for everything and even in the midst of this one there is still hope, and peace.
With our anniversary coming up and what spare money we had vanishing I made a reminder for my husband, that I can change every day or every minute.  I saw the idea out there in blogland, so no, I am not the original.  I also found it before I found Pinterest which means I have no link to the original.  But it is a good idea and a simple craft.

Find glass frame, this one was found at Goodwill for 99 cents.  Make a print out of  "I love you because".
  Leave lots of space to write with a dry erase marker.  He hasn't noticed it yet as I had the empty frame hanging on the wall.  I wish I could write all pretty like but then he wouldn't realize it was from me.

I wandered outside today to discover my water lily bloomed! 
That is amazing because when the raccoons show up for fresh sushi they usually have it with a side of water lily root.  I think I even caught one of the fish still in there as well.
or it could be a leaf.

So then I wandered over to the other side to check my other "still" alive plants.
They are beautiful!  With all the bright colors :) 
It makes me smile and then I forget I wanted a really big sword.
It really is OK.  Life continues on and we grow with it, we weep, we laugh, we build stronger relationships, we lean on God to get us through.  We are broken and jacked up and yet amazingly created. I've never been in control and I am thankful for that. <3

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  1. Poor kitty! He is such a pretty boy. What a great vet though to find out what was really wrong before sending him home. You might be amazed how well he does though. Our cat, a former feral, had a broken leg last year. We think he was hit by a car and didn't think he would ever walk normally again. It happened at a time when he would let us touch the top of his head while he was eating, but that was it. No chance at all of taking him to the vet. So we watched from a distance while he limped and healed, and today he walks with barely a limp. He does keep away from running cars though.

    I am considering building a kitty kennel so mine can't go roaming any more. I just can't convince Hubby that the cat (who is afraid of cages) will ever use it.