Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Insert Witty Tittle Here, or how to make a mess in 7 days

I have not been crafty , (hangs head in shame).  I haven't even been decorating.
I've been avoiding and procrastinating.
Until my neighbor decided to replace their 30yr old fence.
How does that involve me?  Well I am not the first in those thirty years to put things off.
Actually it seems things had been put off for over 50 years.
Below is a picture of our hedges.
So can you really call it a hedge or shurb when it is two stories tall? 
This is the problem, the shrub is now pretending to be trees and have devoured the fence.
Also from what we can tell, the previous owner use to have oil heating.  We found one of the tanks enshrouded with 6 inch thick limbs. 
After we took life in hand with chainsaw and removed many limbs to find the trunk was over a foot thick.
I am now convince this is a prehistoric shrub.
If we do not get rid of this thing quickly someone will come along and make it historical and we will never be free of it.  Did I tell you there are 4 of them?

Luckily we live in a logging town :) our neighbor took out two of the monster shrubs.  It was a totally awesome surprise when we came home from church.

So we kicked it in gear and called a few people to come help us.  They did, and after they took out the two remaining shrubmonstrosities.  It was decided that while we had chainsaws and knowledge the carport could accidently on purpose meet a tragic end. 
Can you see the giant tank in the back ground?

So now I have a giant pile of debris but an grateful it is no longer a decreipted carport. 
While the carport was meeting it's demise, a couple of the men with chainsaw still in hand did some prunning for me and removed a dead holly tree from my front law.  This was all man work and I was glad to make breakfast and lunch for everyone.  So nothing pretty yet.....but boy do I have lots of ideas of what to do with so much new space.

Before all of this I did have a friend over for my famous steak salad and some sangria'
So here's a pretty picture 
yummy taaaa-daaaaa!

PS if there are spelling errors on this I am sorry.  I am not very good at spelling, or anything related to good grammar.  The grammar nazi's attack me quite often :/  so all apologies.  I hit spell check but nothing happened.  Surely I did not type this whole thing without mistake.


  1. I see I'm not the only one facing monstrous landscaping challenges. The oil tanks in the tangle were the best!

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