Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Crochet Hats

I've made a few more hats.....I call them crochet but can I really crochet?  The truth is no, I don't think I can.  I don't understand the lingo and I can't read a pattern.  What I can do is make circles.  Not even sure how I accomplish that.  But I got it down to an art. :)  I have even gotten tricky with what kind of circles and different yarn and larger hooks.  But make no mistake I still have no idea what exactly I am doing.  I make circles plan and simple.  I hope you like my circles turned hats.  They are fun to make, and I don't keep track of what I'm doing so they are done rather quickly.
 So without further ado I introduce my new hats.
  The mouse cap, the funky skully and the fuzzy beret.

Part 2: Decorating Cheap the Saga Continues

Friday, August 27, 2010

Really late pics of "The Retro Baby Shower"

So where to begin......back in the beginning of my blogging was a post about my niece's baby shower.  I came up with a Retro theme shower with pink and blue.  I also had a onesie station which everyone loved! The onesie station was so people could create a unique one of a kind onesie for little Jacob.  I had a variety of fabric markers and other embellishment.  A few of them I had already drawn characters on them to be colored in by people who didn't feel creative.  The end of the shower the mom to be got to take home all the personalized onesies.The drinks were mock tails of pink and blue and a variety of vintage finger foods.

I had these glass vintage baby bottles I used for vases through out the rooms and these hand drawn images of the mother and the father at the base.  I used small frames I found at the Dollar Store.
The food was excellent and everyone had a great time.  I had more decorations up but didn't photograph them.  I'm still learning and I forget way tooo much.  My ideas are always larger and more grand than my budget.

Freecycle!!! Cooooooool style Daddio

So my husband plays drums, has for almost his whole life.  Needless to say he has equipment and more equipment.  A high-hat stand broke and was no longer functioning even after much time messing with it.  He told me to throw it out and I said "can I use it?"   I myself can not play drums and have been the source of amusement when I have tried.

I then stared at it for a day and thought it would be a totally awesome lamp for my son.  I had previously bought a lamp from a thrift store for it's parts.  I tore apart the old lamp and now had a perfectly usable wire with switch.  I pulled out all the stuff inside the high hat stand which left me with this shiny chrome stand.  Ran the wire up through and added the top.  Found a drum shade in need of repair and used shiny silver duck tape.

I know it's cool because now my husband wants to put it back with his drum set and is now keeping his eyes open for more castaway stands to turn into lamps.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's a Lolliclock!!!

I am soooo excited I found these GIANT lollipops at the Dollar Store!!!!!  I love the way lollipops look, the color and the memories of childhood. ~ sigh~ but how to make them last?

Why turn it into a clock of course. :)  After breaking a few here's how I got it to work.  Drill a hole through the plastic and pop.  Make sure the drill bit is big enough for the clock works.  Remove plastic and spray several coats of varnish until well sealed.  Add clock works and viola' instant whimsy!  I painted the boring brass hands to candy colors.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Apologies

My apologies to anyone following or checking out my blog.  My power chord has kicked the bucket and I am unable to post or thank you.  :( yes I am pouting.....
So until I receive another (a couple of weeks hopefully) I am absent.  I am still making things, so will have a flood of post when I am able to get back on.  I've made a lolliclock, and a daybed, and a light fixture, and some bags.  I have even found some vintage fabric for my chest and it was FREE!!!!  See my favorite number again. hahahah :) 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guest room and getting ready with cheap decorating

Saw this idea on a blog I don't remember what it's called.  Using wood tone shelf paper.  Cut it up and viola' instant art, that is easily removed if no longer like it..  Yes, those are dog butts on the door.  They're hooks I got from Ikea.  A couple of frames to balance the wall.  It's starting to look cute and I only have another wall to work on and build a bed.  So my mom is coming for a visit.  I was going to paint over my emo tree but decided to wait until she moves here.  If she decides too.  I found this adorable ceramic bird at a yard sale for  10 cents.  How could you loose on that one.  What better way to balance a blue moody tree than with a pink Snow Whitish bird.  I keep waiting for it to help me when I clean.  Hasn't happened yet.  I also found a lamp at the thrift store for 2 dollars and some white paint made it likable.  Trust me I could not bare to take a before pic as I was over whelmed with the ugliness that it was.  Recovered the chair with some dollar a yard fabric and some staples.  Not professional but now usable.  It was a 3 dollar chair with a 3 dollar repair.  Whoohoo looking like something. :)