Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guest room and getting ready with cheap decorating

Saw this idea on a blog I don't remember what it's called.  Using wood tone shelf paper.  Cut it up and viola' instant art, that is easily removed if no longer like it..  Yes, those are dog butts on the door.  They're hooks I got from Ikea.  A couple of frames to balance the wall.  It's starting to look cute and I only have another wall to work on and build a bed.  So my mom is coming for a visit.  I was going to paint over my emo tree but decided to wait until she moves here.  If she decides too.  I found this adorable ceramic bird at a yard sale for  10 cents.  How could you loose on that one.  What better way to balance a blue moody tree than with a pink Snow Whitish bird.  I keep waiting for it to help me when I clean.  Hasn't happened yet.  I also found a lamp at the thrift store for 2 dollars and some white paint made it likable.  Trust me I could not bare to take a before pic as I was over whelmed with the ugliness that it was.  Recovered the chair with some dollar a yard fabric and some staples.  Not professional but now usable.  It was a 3 dollar chair with a 3 dollar repair.  Whoohoo looking like something. :) 


  1. I love th emo tree! AND I love it even more with the birdi on it! --rest of the room's looking good, too!

  2. thanks Julia, now I want to find a couple more of the birds and keep the emo tree :) If you ever find another bird let me know. <3

  3. I love cheap deals and you can't beat a three dollar chair! You inspired me to go thrift store shopping :) (oh p.s. I found your blog through the weekend wrapup thingy)