Friday, August 27, 2010

Freecycle!!! Cooooooool style Daddio

So my husband plays drums, has for almost his whole life.  Needless to say he has equipment and more equipment.  A high-hat stand broke and was no longer functioning even after much time messing with it.  He told me to throw it out and I said "can I use it?"   I myself can not play drums and have been the source of amusement when I have tried.

I then stared at it for a day and thought it would be a totally awesome lamp for my son.  I had previously bought a lamp from a thrift store for it's parts.  I tore apart the old lamp and now had a perfectly usable wire with switch.  I pulled out all the stuff inside the high hat stand which left me with this shiny chrome stand.  Ran the wire up through and added the top.  Found a drum shade in need of repair and used shiny silver duck tape.

I know it's cool because now my husband wants to put it back with his drum set and is now keeping his eyes open for more castaway stands to turn into lamps.