Monday, August 30, 2010

Part 2: Decorating Cheap the Saga Continues

Hi once again and now on to "Cheap Decorating Part 2!"  the sequel.  As previously posted I was getting the guestroom ready for my mom.  Before it was a guestroom it was a teen room with black, aqua, and lime green stripes and polka dots.  It was loud and proud but needed to be toned down for people to actually sleep in there.  I started by finding oops paint in a soft shade of blue.
 Then painted a tree  in a darker shade of blue in hopes of tricking people into thinking the room is bigger than it is.   My kids called it the "emo" tree.  Yes, I did post about that.  Then I found a cheap chair and revamped it a little along with wood grain contact paper for art's sake and some frames I had lying around.  It was fun and I was moving in a direction that was soft but not too feminine.

Now on to the next chapter.  The bed!  I so wanted to find a daybed that wasn't preteen girlie.  Or one I would need to take out a loan to buy.  I gave up and decided to make/fake one.  Months back I found a bunch of core doors free on Craigslist.  I called and asked the sizes, in hopes of redoing our existing doors.  He said yes he had those sizes.  So off we went to pick them up.  Turns out that not one of those doors fit any of ours.  My husband gave me the "look" and asked what were we going to do with them.  I said they would be used or I would bring them to the ReStore.  Do you see where this is going?

So I used two of the doors, after much measuring.  I cut one in half and shortened the other by a few inches.  Got some brackets, they look like L's but are more like V's.  Screwed them into the top and the bottom of the core doors.  So it looked like a big C almost.  Dang I wish I took pictures but when I'm in the mist of creative flow I can't stop.  

I then used some foam (I went cheap and used a foam mattress pad and doubled it) and batting.  Stapling it on and then some fabric I found on clearance and cover the whole thing.  When done I slid it behind the bed.  The bed was on one of those metal frames.  It fit nice and snug and then I covered a board with batting and fabric and attached it across, to secure the bed and give it a finished look.

It looks fabulous and tailored and cozy and better than any daybed I have seen.  The cost?  Around 10 dollars for the fabric, and already had the other stuff lying around.

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  1. that's amazing! Can't believe you were able to make something so functional AND cute for so cheap! awesome job!
    Partying with you at Someday Crafts!