Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cheap Pot

So summer is upon us and it's planting time.
I tend to kill things so I try to keep CHEAP!
While on a Goodwill hunting trip I found this lamp.
It was dated. 
But it could have a new life.
One of  a green nature.
Slightly modern and hip. 
See it yet?
I just tore the guts out of's really simple. 

                                                                    How about now?
Isn't it cool?
It's totally modern and sleek planter possibilities are released!
So double green TA-DA!!!
I did a quick trip to Wally world for clearance plants and soil.
I even threw some poises in my other pots 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

All hail King Kiki

I looked up at my Mother's Day flowers and was sad to see they were dying.
I also noticed one was glaring back at me.
I recognized that glare...
Been seeing it ever since this little Rooo cat joined the family. 
Not by her but himmmmm
Yessss, it has been hard on him with a cute kitten who has no boundaries or problems invading personal spaces.  Who sneaks up and randomly sniffs his behind.
He just doesn't have a space of his own, not that he ever wanted one but things have changed.

I stumbled across these baskets someone gave me a few years back. 
It looked like a perfect Kiki throne, just needed some spiffing up and flava..
Oh yeah, uh huh, it's his birthday sing it.
So went to StuffMart and got a cheap pillow. 
Brought out some spray paint. 
Got all fancy with the tape and more spray paint. 
Oh look its Chevron (do I get some brownie points or what?) 
Made it official on the other side 
Found some fun fabric on the internet for cheeeap. 
And Bam! just like that a Kiki Throne. 
I was going to sew it but then I'm like why? when he's not gonna dig it up or move it.
So I safety pinned it on the underside so I can wash both the fabric and pillow when needed.
Now to find him and give it a test run.
Here kikikikikiki

This may be continued

Friday, May 18, 2012

Noodle Chucks, or Nun Noodles, or Dollar Store Crafting

I am really excited about this one.
My daughter is having a small party with "The Sasquatch Gang" as the center and theme.
It's an older movie but we love it.
I of course will go overboard and have corn dogs, tater tots and chocolate pudding but I also came up with this idea.
Quick run to the dollar store and rummaging through my duck tape pile.
Can ya guess?    No?  O.o
Ok I'll tell ya, I'm gonna make numchucks.

First you cut some pool noodles, I got 2 pair out of each noodle. 
One necklace for each pair.
Cut it.
That's it just make a cut. 
Make a big knot on both ends. 
Shove knots inside of noodle.
Really can't get more simple than this. 
Now is the time for the duck tape.  Rip off a piece and rip it down the middle half way.
Use it to secure the necklace.  Then do another one in the other direction.
Cover the noodle in duck tape and do the top in a different color just to be official. 
There ya have it!
Numchuckery TA-DAAA!!!!! 
Yes, we did try them out and they were fun. 
Had to bring out the Ninja to demonstrate, 
Talk about an affordable party favor I know teens will love.
Less than a dollar to make....each!  I know right :D

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cheap Therapy

With so many big projects that tend to eat up my time and money.
I've gotten into a funk.
The blah, sore, can't quit staring and wishing for things I really don't need.
Do know what helps me with that?
People telling me to quit it. ahhahaaha
Also just being able to do something fun, simple, and colorful and also cheap.
Off to the dollar store  (sound the trumpets)
With the sun shining weather and so many people planting things that grow.
I remember my thumb is not very green and refrain from herbicide.
It's just not pretty.
So I found this fun ribbon and foam ring and fun butterflies.

Then the crowning touch?
Drink umbrellas!!!! a couple dollars for 144 of them. 
Yes, this craft has been seen on Pinterest, it is where I saw it as well.

As usual I did not read directions just looked at the pretty pictures. 
Honestly how hard could jabbing umbrellas be?

It looked a little lumpy.
Maybe the ring is too small.
hmmmmm, I will fake it. :) 
 A quick burst of color TA-DAaaa!! 
See, feeling better already and no monthly payments.
whoot whoot
Give it a try, it's amazing how creating something makes you feel a little saner

Thursday, May 3, 2012

For FREEEEEE?!?!?!!?

So on my last post I showed you what I found on Craigslist FOR FREEEEE!!
Sorry still can't quite get over that.  Makes me want to break out into song "Weee are the champions weeeeee are the champions"  oh, sorry I do that sometimes.
It is a mid-century all wood dresser by Stanley with aluminum knobs.
I call it "my new holder of things from the kitchen so I can put in a dish washer" thingy. 
As much as I love it, it needed some updating.
Soooo I said to myself  "let's ombre this bad boy" and there was agreement all around. 
I like when I agree with myself. :)
I knew I needed to do something with the clutter wall.  But is was so convenient to capture people for hours just staring at that wall.  But I am learning I don't have to expose everything to anyone who stumbles in.  In some kind of information vomit on the wall.
But first the OMBRE', I just like saying that ombre 
I got lucky and found some clearance paint with built in primer, in the color I wanted.
I already had lots of white from the bedroom painting furniture episode.
Truly can't be that hard,...can it?
Well it was harder than I thought it was gonna be and the light greys looked to similar.
Yeah, I then took out the light and turned it dark. muuaahahahahah 
Yeah, that was looking a lot better.
But now how can I post about this, without the shame of the clutter on the wall.
Not to mention the wall color that hasn't been in my house for over 6 years, and didn't go with anything.  Plus it had the constant reminder of roadkill or vomit color.  Am I grossing you out?  Sorry didn't mean to.

But not any more!!!
This is a cleaning up the clutter and making  it look good TA-DAA!! 
Oh yeah, so much better. I do realize the top is not painted yet.  I seem to have a bad habit of only going to 90% finished and then getting around to the other ten percent a few months from now.

A little foraging around for the old window and minimizing the pics and phone numbers.
Total cost around 5 dollars for the paint.
Pulling a visually chaotic wall into harmony...priceless. 
I even started to paint the feet on all my unfinished furniture.
And found this piece of art for 15 dollars to go between my lamps. 
I like how it reflects the light and brightens up that dark area.
I also added new curtains that are the proper length and they are even lighter.
I can't wait to get this room done.