Thursday, May 3, 2012

For FREEEEEE?!?!?!!?

So on my last post I showed you what I found on Craigslist FOR FREEEEE!!
Sorry still can't quite get over that.  Makes me want to break out into song "Weee are the champions weeeeee are the champions"  oh, sorry I do that sometimes.
It is a mid-century all wood dresser by Stanley with aluminum knobs.
I call it "my new holder of things from the kitchen so I can put in a dish washer" thingy. 
As much as I love it, it needed some updating.
Soooo I said to myself  "let's ombre this bad boy" and there was agreement all around. 
I like when I agree with myself. :)
I knew I needed to do something with the clutter wall.  But is was so convenient to capture people for hours just staring at that wall.  But I am learning I don't have to expose everything to anyone who stumbles in.  In some kind of information vomit on the wall.
But first the OMBRE', I just like saying that ombre 
I got lucky and found some clearance paint with built in primer, in the color I wanted.
I already had lots of white from the bedroom painting furniture episode.
Truly can't be that hard,...can it?
Well it was harder than I thought it was gonna be and the light greys looked to similar.
Yeah, I then took out the light and turned it dark. muuaahahahahah 
Yeah, that was looking a lot better.
But now how can I post about this, without the shame of the clutter on the wall.
Not to mention the wall color that hasn't been in my house for over 6 years, and didn't go with anything.  Plus it had the constant reminder of roadkill or vomit color.  Am I grossing you out?  Sorry didn't mean to.

But not any more!!!
This is a cleaning up the clutter and making  it look good TA-DAA!! 
Oh yeah, so much better. I do realize the top is not painted yet.  I seem to have a bad habit of only going to 90% finished and then getting around to the other ten percent a few months from now.

A little foraging around for the old window and minimizing the pics and phone numbers.
Total cost around 5 dollars for the paint.
Pulling a visually chaotic wall into harmony...priceless. 
I even started to paint the feet on all my unfinished furniture.
And found this piece of art for 15 dollars to go between my lamps. 
I like how it reflects the light and brightens up that dark area.
I also added new curtains that are the proper length and they are even lighter.
I can't wait to get this room done.


  1. oh my goodness, I'm drooling over the ombre dresser AND that art piece.

    Brilliant idea to paint the wall too, it makes it all appear seemless.

    You rock woman!

    Whose phone numbers? lol

    1. whoooo hooo I rock, uh huh uh huh :D hehehee thank you Mel

  2. Great find on the dresser! It's just like Xmas morning when you find something free like that, isn't it??? Love your colors. Nice job!

  3. great job! LOVE the kitty tucked under there. awwww!

  4. You really did an amazing job on this. Such a great updated, modern feel. I have a dresser very similar to this I plan on repainting for my daughter. Don't know if she will want me to do something similar or not...:)

  5. Great idea! You did an amazing job on this! Has a nice updated, modern feel.

  6. thank you ladies, your kind words are a warm fuzzy hug :)

  7. FREE? Are you serious - OMG, I love Craigslist Urban Legends, they keep me going!

  8. i would love to redo my son's dresser this way - did you "prepare" the dresser in anyway before slappin on the paint? love this! thanks - Michelle

  9. this is AWESOME! i would love to do this with my son's dresser for his room redo next month. did you prepare the wood on the dresser to accept the paint in any way or did you just slap on the paint? thanks! Michelle

  10. Hi Chelle, I did lightly sand the drawers and used paint with built in primer. That was about it and then I put some paint in a mason jar and added white a little at a time. It was easier to shake up.