Thursday, May 24, 2012

All hail King Kiki

I looked up at my Mother's Day flowers and was sad to see they were dying.
I also noticed one was glaring back at me.
I recognized that glare...
Been seeing it ever since this little Rooo cat joined the family. 
Not by her but himmmmm
Yessss, it has been hard on him with a cute kitten who has no boundaries or problems invading personal spaces.  Who sneaks up and randomly sniffs his behind.
He just doesn't have a space of his own, not that he ever wanted one but things have changed.

I stumbled across these baskets someone gave me a few years back. 
It looked like a perfect Kiki throne, just needed some spiffing up and flava..
Oh yeah, uh huh, it's his birthday sing it.
So went to StuffMart and got a cheap pillow. 
Brought out some spray paint. 
Got all fancy with the tape and more spray paint. 
Oh look its Chevron (do I get some brownie points or what?) 
Made it official on the other side 
Found some fun fabric on the internet for cheeeap. 
And Bam! just like that a Kiki Throne. 
I was going to sew it but then I'm like why? when he's not gonna dig it up or move it.
So I safety pinned it on the underside so I can wash both the fabric and pillow when needed.
Now to find him and give it a test run.
Here kikikikikiki

This may be continued

1 comment:

  1. All hail to King Kiki! What a lucky kitty to have a chevron, personalized, plump and pretty throne to sit on. Now, will he use it? lol

    I love that fabric, where do you buy cheap fabric from?