Friday, May 18, 2012

Noodle Chucks, or Nun Noodles, or Dollar Store Crafting

I am really excited about this one.
My daughter is having a small party with "The Sasquatch Gang" as the center and theme.
It's an older movie but we love it.
I of course will go overboard and have corn dogs, tater tots and chocolate pudding but I also came up with this idea.
Quick run to the dollar store and rummaging through my duck tape pile.
Can ya guess?    No?  O.o
Ok I'll tell ya, I'm gonna make numchucks.

First you cut some pool noodles, I got 2 pair out of each noodle. 
One necklace for each pair.
Cut it.
That's it just make a cut. 
Make a big knot on both ends. 
Shove knots inside of noodle.
Really can't get more simple than this. 
Now is the time for the duck tape.  Rip off a piece and rip it down the middle half way.
Use it to secure the necklace.  Then do another one in the other direction.
Cover the noodle in duck tape and do the top in a different color just to be official. 
There ya have it!
Numchuckery TA-DAAA!!!!! 
Yes, we did try them out and they were fun. 
Had to bring out the Ninja to demonstrate, 
Talk about an affordable party favor I know teens will love.
Less than a dollar to make....each!  I know right :D


  1. Numchuckery! I love your use of made up english :)

    How fun are those numchucks! Enjoy the party.

  2. Brilliant! Spectacular! Weird! Okay, I totally love it!