Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cheap Therapy

With so many big projects that tend to eat up my time and money.
I've gotten into a funk.
The blah, sore, can't quit staring and wishing for things I really don't need.
Do know what helps me with that?
People telling me to quit it. ahhahaaha
Also just being able to do something fun, simple, and colorful and also cheap.
Off to the dollar store  (sound the trumpets)
With the sun shining weather and so many people planting things that grow.
I remember my thumb is not very green and refrain from herbicide.
It's just not pretty.
So I found this fun ribbon and foam ring and fun butterflies.

Then the crowning touch?
Drink umbrellas!!!! a couple dollars for 144 of them. 
Yes, this craft has been seen on Pinterest, it is where I saw it as well.

As usual I did not read directions just looked at the pretty pictures. 
Honestly how hard could jabbing umbrellas be?

It looked a little lumpy.
Maybe the ring is too small.
hmmmmm, I will fake it. :) 
 A quick burst of color TA-DAaaa!! 
See, feeling better already and no monthly payments.
whoot whoot
Give it a try, it's amazing how creating something makes you feel a little saner

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