Saturday, March 26, 2011

Random projects and ideas that may never happen

I have finished stage one in my on purpose designed bedroom.  This piece is finally painted and put back together.  Wow! white takes along time to accomplish. After primer and 3+ coats of gloss white here it is.  Just a little tada
This is the next one (I forgot to take a before pic again), remembered after I painted the top drawers.
(yeah, those are my boots..... and these boots are made for kickin')

Ok, so last weekend my family got the flu and I got nothing accomplished but stumbling upon an impromptu garage sale, I found this for 3 dollars.  I couldn't resist!!  How could you not want a giant smiling frog? 
Then I got sick, while everyone went back to work and school.  I finally made it back to the living room after days of confinement to bathroom and bedroom.  Yeah, so not fun.  Sitting there looking at my forgotten friend who I was going to give to my great niece.  When my son walked in and said "hey, that looks like Frogbone".  "Who's Frogbone?" I asked thinking it was some new band.  "You know the frog you drew" he replied and I still just stared at him in my fog of oblivion. Then it finally dawned on me "OH, the cartoon band that Kiki is in"  Waaaaaaay back in my posts, I posted the story of our cat Kiki and the children's book I wrote (still not published) based loosely on him.  Well the book wasn't enough for the muse he is.  I also created a band called "The Woodland Tree-O" and his alternative personality Fat Cat.  Frog Bone is his sax-man and Chip Punk his ax-man.   This is a live action shot.
Then the promo pics of the band.
Frog Bone who has his roots firmly planted in jazz....groooovy, grooovaay.
Chip Punk is actually mellow while off stage but knows how to shred when the lights come on.
Fat Cat will always be ready for a jam day or night, stage or tree.
So, that is why I bought the frog.  It was subliminal, I am meant to do a room with them as the theme.
I even found material 5yd bolt for a dollar.   I've got yellow, orange, and pink.  This could be so awesome, now I have to find someone who would let me.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gathering for the Plan with a little help from Blogland

Have you ever woken up, turned on your laptop and had your day made?
That was me, Friday morning as I was sipping on my coffee with a long day ahead of me. I will try to be brief but will probably fail.  As I have been working with this plan of mine to knowingly redecorate with purpose.  I have repeatedly ran into the great big wall of " lack of fiances".  I was blessed beyond belief with a comforter (read previous post).  I still have a few things on my list of finds.  Fabric to cover my chair and a really cool rug to pop.  I see it in my head, mod, large flowers, bright colors, and when I see something close I cringe at the price tag.  I check Overstock, Home Decorators, random rug places online.   I mean hours of looking at rugs that don't fit, get excited about rugs until I see the price, and other random ways of suffering emotional whiplash.  Ok I tell you the drama so you can see the  blessing.

Alright, cue lights and hallelujah music picked me!!!
  Yes, little ole me as there winner of a CSN gift certificate!!!!!  (add bells and whistles here)
I have heard of CSN through out blogland but have never been.  Here is the link in case you have never been
So I of  course went to the rugs and found this rug originally 50 dollars marked down to 28.  I applied my 25 certificate and only paid 3.99 for it.  Free shipping and even a free rug pad to go underneath.  I was squealing with delight much to the disgusted looks of our family cat.
Thank you soooooooo much wonderful, generous, sweet woman @ Junkin Junky!!!
ps, I love your blog <3
Isn't is pretty? <3 sigh <3

I was so inspired to do more.  So I dug out this ceiling fan I have had for over 3 years.  I was going to put it in my daughter's room but then she decided she didn't want it.  I bought it at Lowe's for like 7 dollars!!!
I figured it was white and better than my existing crappy light.  So with the help of my son.
The fan works too.  It's so nice to be able to teach the youth today a little electrical ability. 
I love it when a plan comes together.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's been awhile....

Hi to all who read this, or maybe howdy to just one.  It's ok and I'm happy to have anyone listen to me long enough to blink.
I had such a great time in Seattle with my husband, to make up for it I got sick when I got home.  So I laid here with my  trusty laptop and foraged for ideas and amazing deals.  Last post I think I showed my horrible sleep cave and the inspiration I hope to transfer it into.  So I have diligently paintd squares of different colors to see which one I like the best.  This is new for me, as I only ever bought "oops" paint for 5 dollars a gallon.  This time I am really trying for something on purpose.  I'm scared, hold my hand as I try to follow a plan.

   Not only did I not find the color I have in mind but I had them experiment and find a new color between two paint chips.  I love it!!!!!  I can't wait to put it on the wall.  I did put  little square on the wall, but don't think it will compare to the whole room when completed.   At least in my head...things are always different in my head.  Ok, so here is my paint blobs.  The apple green on the left was what  I was thinking about but then decided on making my own.
The one below shows the chocolate brown wall that is existing for a limited time only. 
So the walls will be springy soon and the furniture is going white.  Yeah I know, not that original, but it sure will pop off that green. All of the dressers and nightstands will have to be painted, which I am not looking forward to.  I wish I had one of those cool paint rooms with a paint gun and heat.  I got the primer done with one piece.  It is starting to look much better.  
Now on to the deal of the century!!!!  I am soo excited about this one that I can't type right!!
I went to to look around a bit.  I of course went to clearance first.  All of the bedding found there, did not go with my idea.  Lots of blue and brown and I wanted away from that.  I guess I'm ahead of the curve right now.  At least that is what I'm telling myself.   So I stumble upon this light grayish taupe with white and multi shades of green.  It is gorgeous and it comes as a 12 piece.  Pillows galore!  Ok, now to the amazing part, originally 350 dollars, sale price 99.  If that wasn't great enough, there was a sale going on which took it down to 75 and free shipping!!!!  I am in tears of joy, at this moment.  I click to check sizes and see the only size they have is,....... exactly the one I need!  I think I screamed at this point.  Then to add the cherry on top, Macy's had sent me a thank you for some Christmas thing I did.  So knock another 20 dollars off!!!!!!!  Wow, that has got to be the best deal I have found so far.  And I am a great hunter of bargains.  So without further rambling,

Yeah, I know the inspirations has a white coverlet but I live in the real world where white doesn't live long.
Did I mention all the pretty stuff  on it is embroidered?


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yes, I have been living in Slackerville. I still have not installed the sink (hangs head in shame). Plus I ran away with my husband last weekend to Seattle. Pretended to be a local, and even got away with it a few times. I do have some pretty pics of Seattle and just the little things I love about it. I will share, here ya go.

 This is my favorite view (my pookie)
we found STE and was thankful, didn't realize how we missed it so.
(if you're looking it's part of SAM) 
Local artists totally blow me away and wish I had the money to purchase them.
I will have to settle for trying my own hand at it. 
Shoeshine Willie is legend!!  If you ever get to Seattle look for him (Pike Place Market) 
One of the hidden alleys you tend to stumble upon.  This one has a gum mosaic going on. 
Why yes, I am a Alice in Chains fan and was quite sad the day Layne died. 
This fresh raspberry and mint martini was blog worthy on it's own.
It's the little hidden things that make it so much fun.  Especially when you stumble onto something great! 
It was such a great time, I really didn't want to come home to my clutter. sigh dang clutter

So with spring approaching (wouldn't know it by the weather) it is time to get a fresh outlook.
This is my inspiration for a new fresher (hopefully cleaner, non cluttered) bedroom.
drum roll please
thanks to Pier One
Alas, I can not afford Pier One, so there will be DIY happening and a whole of faking going on.
This is how it looks now.  Caution do not stare at  it too long as you may go blind.

did I mention I just got back from a trip?

oh I got featured the other day by an amazing blog I love reading. I sent her an email and whadda ya know she liked my stuff.  I feel so honored :)

If you are reading this then you must actually follow me :) come mere and give me a hug (>^-^)>
thank you so much.