Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yes, I have been living in Slackerville. I still have not installed the sink (hangs head in shame). Plus I ran away with my husband last weekend to Seattle. Pretended to be a local, and even got away with it a few times. I do have some pretty pics of Seattle and just the little things I love about it. I will share, here ya go.

 This is my favorite view (my pookie)
we found STE and was thankful, didn't realize how we missed it so.
(if you're looking it's part of SAM) 
Local artists totally blow me away and wish I had the money to purchase them.
I will have to settle for trying my own hand at it. 
Shoeshine Willie is legend!!  If you ever get to Seattle look for him (Pike Place Market) 
One of the hidden alleys you tend to stumble upon.  This one has a gum mosaic going on. 
Why yes, I am a Alice in Chains fan and was quite sad the day Layne died. 
This fresh raspberry and mint martini was blog worthy on it's own.
It's the little hidden things that make it so much fun.  Especially when you stumble onto something great! 
It was such a great time, I really didn't want to come home to my clutter. sigh dang clutter

So with spring approaching (wouldn't know it by the weather) it is time to get a fresh outlook.
This is my inspiration for a new fresher (hopefully cleaner, non cluttered) bedroom.
drum roll please
thanks to Pier One
Alas, I can not afford Pier One, so there will be DIY happening and a whole of faking going on.
This is how it looks now.  Caution do not stare at  it too long as you may go blind.

did I mention I just got back from a trip?

oh I got featured the other day by an amazing blog I love reading. I sent her an email and whadda ya know she liked my stuff.  I feel so honored :)

If you are reading this then you must actually follow me :) come mere and give me a hug (>^-^)>
thank you so much.

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