Monday, October 22, 2012

book hooks

Yeah, no real witty title there.  I can't help it, it's just plain.
Kinda like this wall.  For some that would be awesome but my daughter is anything but plain.
I painted this wall a yellowish beigey tan color, because I needed something to tone down the purple and also it was 5 dollar oops paint.
I'm going with Geekchic with a side of hipster and also reflect things she loves now as well as the past with things she's not so good at.  Like organization and finding things.
So a quick trip to thrift store to find very cheap hardback books with colorful graphics and a few hooks screwed into books. 
See where I'm going with this yet?
To the WALL! 
Now we have a unique way to hang all of the bags.
One of a kind and reflective of who she is.
I screwed the hooks to the books and then the book (back cover) to the wall and used tape to keep it shut.  Pretty simple.
Her door is still covered in fabric, why you asked?  Because when we moved into this house the doors were old, full of holes, horrible and we couldn't afford to replace them.  So thick fabric to the rescue. 
I also reused an old towel bar for her dressing area as a belt holder 
Just a few ideas and suggestions for those of us who struggle with organization and finding things
Nothing genius just handy :) tada

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Craaaaaash happens

Remember my awesome glow in the dark totally hip light?
Check last post for more description.
Seems it was too cool for the ceiling.  I heard a scream and found my daughter tweaked out by said falling light.  Seems I had not tighten it to the appropriate point of tightness. 
Yeah, no repairing that bad boy.  I searched for a while to find another glass globe thingy to redo the thing.  Yet it was a no go.  I gave up.   Yes I did, I knew I would not find another like it, it truly was one of a kind.
While wandering in Restore after Restore I gave up and just grabbed this cheap plentiful light diffuser so my daughter would not be blind in her room. 
Then I went to Walmart and there in the middle of accessories I had a brilliant idea.
How about I just liquid starch this cute bandanna on there and call it a fine day. 
So I did.  Yeah, just that easy and tadaaaa no longer an ordinary light. 
I also made sure it was fully tighten and secured.  (there were no injuries in the making of this post)
But don't you worry, I also came up with an idea to use the pieces of the other broken light.
It involves an embroidery hoop and some chopsticks 
So measure chopsticks and cut then glue to hoop with wood glue. 
Cool huh?  I used tape to support until glue dried and I also only did one hoop at a time.
This is not a quick project.
After it dried I gave it a few coats of spray paint and then pulled out my Goop. 
After removing the shades I re glued them to my new structure.
Seeing I did not have as many glasses I wished I had, I added some velum to the inside of my new drum shade. 
How does it hang there other than by sheer awesomeness?
I screwed some small eye bolts and used wire to cross thread through the little hoop on the chandelier.  Yes I rigged it.
So when crap happens pick up the broken pieces and double your production :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Room's so bright it's gotta wear shades

In my daughter's room was the typical boob light.  Plus one of the sockets didn't work so needless to say it had to go.  I went looking for many options but she really didn't want anything normal or popular in her room. < Insert hipster here>   So off to the Restore for a vintage light fixture.
 I found this beauty for a whopping 2.50.  It was perfect for what I had in mind.
All I need now is a little goop.
It is pretty amazing.  So what am I going to be gluing together?
Well shades of course! 
Aren't they cool?
I can guarantee no one has a light fixture like this.
I broke off one of the ear bar thingies of each pair. 
A little tape to hold it until it dries.  Then I also glued the broken ear band thingies in between the'll see. 
Hung, complete, and looking amazing! 
Do you know what the best part about this light is?
It's a light even when it's not :) 
Boom, glow in the dark light fixture TAAAAAA-DAAAAA!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting graphic with the media area

After stepping on a few games and tripping over the chords.  An idea came to me...maybe she needs something to keep it all together.
I went to my favorite thrift store and ask the owner if they had a small dresser, nothing fabulous, or great shape.  It could even be missing knobs and a whole draw.  They brought me in the back and let me choose between 3 that fit the bill.  For 20 bucks I got this one, and was pleasantly surprised to find it was really sturdy and solid wood.
Now to bring in da funk!!!
Painted the outside black and made a simple shelf out of chip board.
Don't worry I covered it in white pleather. 
Then we found some fun fabric.  I got about 1/3 yard for each drawer. 
Dug out my liquid starch and dunked my fabric and smoothed it out on the drawers.
I tucked it around the inside of each drawer. 
Let dry over night and ta-da awesome drawers.
I poke holes in the fabric and put in new silver knobs. 
Now all of her games, controllers and other media items are all in the same place.
Boooyah! organized!
The wall behind it?  Oh that is comic book pages.  You've seen it done before with book pages, we brought the color in.  I won a packed of comic books on Ebay for a few dollars and with my trusty masking tape I shingled the wall with them.. 
She is convinced she has the coolest room in the world :) and I can live with that.