Monday, October 22, 2012

book hooks

Yeah, no real witty title there.  I can't help it, it's just plain.
Kinda like this wall.  For some that would be awesome but my daughter is anything but plain.
I painted this wall a yellowish beigey tan color, because I needed something to tone down the purple and also it was 5 dollar oops paint.
I'm going with Geekchic with a side of hipster and also reflect things she loves now as well as the past with things she's not so good at.  Like organization and finding things.
So a quick trip to thrift store to find very cheap hardback books with colorful graphics and a few hooks screwed into books. 
See where I'm going with this yet?
To the WALL! 
Now we have a unique way to hang all of the bags.
One of a kind and reflective of who she is.
I screwed the hooks to the books and then the book (back cover) to the wall and used tape to keep it shut.  Pretty simple.
Her door is still covered in fabric, why you asked?  Because when we moved into this house the doors were old, full of holes, horrible and we couldn't afford to replace them.  So thick fabric to the rescue. 
I also reused an old towel bar for her dressing area as a belt holder 
Just a few ideas and suggestions for those of us who struggle with organization and finding things
Nothing genius just handy :) tada

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