Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Looks Geek-Chic to me

This is what it was.  A long forgotten memory of Paris.
When I had originally decorated this room it had many things going for it.
New activities and growing older made it......well.....cluttered.
The bed broke and the mattress was on the floor. 
I did not take pictures of the floor because you could no longer see it. 
Just imagine all the stuff in her dresser on the floor. 
Her bookshelf was exploding and fell apart at least every other week. 
I tried for a couple of months to convince her to let me re-do her room.
She was not having it.   She does not like change and was in fear I would throw away some of her beloved possessions.
One day I was talking about her having a loft bed and filing cabinets for all of her papers.
She was intrigued and accidentally gave me permission to do her room.
(Stuff and Ideas I was using for inspiration)
Within an hour I had a storyboard done up with ideas and colors she liked.
She got scared and cold feet and wanted to back out but being a mom I pushed her.
This is the  first wall I tackled, a purple brick faux wall.  She loved it!!
I did too and it was so much better than the broken down Paris. 
I continued the grey and purple by recovering the necklace holder with duck tape.
The curtain was on sale at Walmart and I loved the pattern but after staring at in on the brick wall I changed it.
Since she was still living in this room I could only work on one wall at a time.  The bricks were covered in purple glitter as well and I did the grout lines in a paint that simulated concrete so it feels like grout.  I was excited about that. 
Ok, so here is the room now.  I still have to build her bed and find a rug for the chairs.  The chairs have a great story I will blog about at a later date. :)  I hope you come back.
So without further ado ....so Hipster it's really Beatnik GeekChic Teen

It is not completely done yet.
But it is definitely at BETTER.

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  1. I love your description. I'm not really too sure what a hipster is, or Beatnick geek-chic but I am sure you nailed it :)

    whatever it's called, it's a great and original room. I want to see more of what you've done with the filing cabinets under her bed!