Thursday, November 8, 2012

I've got a few minutes...

That is pretty much the mentality of my daughter.  It makes me laugh and living here up in the Northwest it is a strong mindset.
So with that in mind I knew her room had to be part recycle, thrift, and colorful.  Also artsy, can not forget artsy.
On one of our expeditions to thrift stores in town we cam across some very dated, vintage, bamboo chairs.  I took pictures, I know I did, but can not find them for the life of me.
I even spent hours searching on google and bing for a similar chair but Nooooooooo.  It is so rare that it only exists in this little town. in an old thrift store. 
Ok, so picture this in brown instead of turquoise.  Kinda shabby where the varnish wore off.
 We then tried them out and loved that they not only rocked but spun as well.
How fun is that?
But it was part of a three piece set, two chairs and a coffee table that was at least 4 feet wide.  The chairs were not that wide or large.
There just no way all of it would fit in her room.  Plus they wanted 36 dollars for the whole set.
I know that isn't a lot but it was for me, at the moment with payday another week off.
So I asked if they would be willing to split up the set and let me buy the chair.
They said "yeah" and offered ten dollars for one chair.
I said YES and grabbed the chair before they changed their mind.  I did feel a little bad because I knew there would be no way they could sell the remaining as a set.  But I was on a mission to finish this room.  A week later I strolled back in with a few minutes to kill and low and behold the other chair was still there.  Not to my surprise and I inquired to how much they wanted for just the chair.  The person was saddened to say that someone else had broke up the set and sold the chair for way less and so she had no choice but to sell the remaining chair for 9.99.  I told her I would buy her chair!
  I felt like Snidely Whiplash and if I had a mustache I would of been twirling it.
At the register the cashier admitted they were relieved it was being purchased because they thought it was the ugliest chair they had ever seen.  I smiled because I knew it wasn't.  It was only in disguise. 
Because I think it's pretty beautiful now. 
Even though the fabric I bought to recover the cushions is not going to be used (my daughter preferred the original) maybe I will turn them into curtains. 
She is delighted with these chairs and they are good sturdy chairs that have survived decades.  I think they can handle living in her room.
The other day I was driving by THE thrift store and in the window all by it's self. was the matching coffee table.  My daughter was with me and we joked that we should go in and inquire about the price of table and then state that if it was a set we might of bought it.  We laughed all the way home because that would of been a funny skit come to life.
We did stop to find out the price but refrained from voicing the troll comment.
I also realized that if I did not live in this little town I would of never found these awesome chairs for such a cheap price.

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