Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Room's so bright it's gotta wear shades

In my daughter's room was the typical boob light.  Plus one of the sockets didn't work so needless to say it had to go.  I went looking for many options but she really didn't want anything normal or popular in her room. < Insert hipster here>   So off to the Restore for a vintage light fixture.
 I found this beauty for a whopping 2.50.  It was perfect for what I had in mind.
All I need now is a little goop.
It is pretty amazing.  So what am I going to be gluing together?
Well shades of course! 
Aren't they cool?
I can guarantee no one has a light fixture like this.
I broke off one of the ear bar thingies of each pair. 
A little tape to hold it until it dries.  Then I also glued the broken ear band thingies in between the'll see. 
Hung, complete, and looking amazing! 
Do you know what the best part about this light is?
It's a light even when it's not :) 
Boom, glow in the dark light fixture TAAAAAA-DAAAAA!

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  1. No Way! That is such an awesome idea!!!! You know I love unusual uses for every day things; this is a love! Too cool (or hipster?)