Saturday, March 26, 2011

Random projects and ideas that may never happen

I have finished stage one in my on purpose designed bedroom.  This piece is finally painted and put back together.  Wow! white takes along time to accomplish. After primer and 3+ coats of gloss white here it is.  Just a little tada
This is the next one (I forgot to take a before pic again), remembered after I painted the top drawers.
(yeah, those are my boots..... and these boots are made for kickin')

Ok, so last weekend my family got the flu and I got nothing accomplished but stumbling upon an impromptu garage sale, I found this for 3 dollars.  I couldn't resist!!  How could you not want a giant smiling frog? 
Then I got sick, while everyone went back to work and school.  I finally made it back to the living room after days of confinement to bathroom and bedroom.  Yeah, so not fun.  Sitting there looking at my forgotten friend who I was going to give to my great niece.  When my son walked in and said "hey, that looks like Frogbone".  "Who's Frogbone?" I asked thinking it was some new band.  "You know the frog you drew" he replied and I still just stared at him in my fog of oblivion. Then it finally dawned on me "OH, the cartoon band that Kiki is in"  Waaaaaaay back in my posts, I posted the story of our cat Kiki and the children's book I wrote (still not published) based loosely on him.  Well the book wasn't enough for the muse he is.  I also created a band called "The Woodland Tree-O" and his alternative personality Fat Cat.  Frog Bone is his sax-man and Chip Punk his ax-man.   This is a live action shot.
Then the promo pics of the band.
Frog Bone who has his roots firmly planted in jazz....groooovy, grooovaay.
Chip Punk is actually mellow while off stage but knows how to shred when the lights come on.
Fat Cat will always be ready for a jam day or night, stage or tree.
So, that is why I bought the frog.  It was subliminal, I am meant to do a room with them as the theme.
I even found material 5yd bolt for a dollar.   I've got yellow, orange, and pink.  This could be so awesome, now I have to find someone who would let me.


  1. How cute! You were meant to have it. I love your art too - wish I could draw even a little. Your title intrigued me. I also have so many ideas that may never happen.

  2. thanks Marti :) I think I could do a whole series on ideas that go no where but in a box or in my notebook.