Monday, April 4, 2011

If I do it again is it still random??

I am just gathering away and when I'm not I'm still doing random things.  Like this thing.  It's a beanie with pompoms so you can pretend to be a Panda Bear.  The cat is not pretending, by his expression, I would say it  is the look of planning someone's demise.  The humiliation he has to endure to be fed.
I also realize you can not see black pompom ears with a dark background. 
Did that help any?  NO?  Well shootarooni!!
Uhhmmmm imagine a white hat with black pompom ears.  I have also realized making pompoms is an lost art.  I will have to show you some time.  Not today but someday...

So I'm still getting ready for the big change, no not that one, well maybe but I am talking about my room going from brown to green.  I have this large gold leafed mirror that needed something.  I didn't want to paint it because it's gold leafed sooooo....I rubbed a couple of brain cells together and this is what I came up with. 
Isn't that awesome?!?!
It took me all of 2 minutes to do and cost me nothing.  How do you ask?  By what magical power have I accomplished this?  I will tell you my' ere...sshhh don't tell's duck tape. 
Are you blown away?  I am :)

Oh was at a thrift store with a friend last week and found this. 
Need I say more?

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