Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coming around the horn

Sorry, I haven't been posting.  I've been working on my bedroom redo with purpose and it takes extra time when you are doing it yourself and you're not able to just buy what you want.  I love looking at people's blogs but have come to a conclusion, they have more disposable cash than I do.  There's just no way I can keep up and I will no longer try.  Sorry :( but really I'm not.  The truth is sooooo freeing!!   Ok, so I will show you what I have been up to.
Cool huh?  I've painted the walls and a few accents.
Not only did I paint the walls with this green but I made the color up.  It's a combination of two paint chips.
The before of this lovely owl is in my previous post.
I am also coming around the corner of finally finishing this room.  I can't wait I'm so excited.
I really scared myself when painting the room, it was so different and there was just no going back.  I look at it now and it just makes me smile.  My husband even likes it.
So until next time, do what you can and enjoy it.


  1. Little secret...not all of us are sitting on a pile of cash. Why do you think half of my projects are made from garbage LOL?

    The new color looks great! You knew I'd say that And the pops of white keep it just contained enough. Viva la unabashed hues!

  2. thanks Sunni, you and Junkin Junky are the ones I relate to the most. You guys seem real. Some of these other ones spend more on the materials than I would on the finished product.
    Someone gave me a chair and to really do it like I want would cost close to the chair I wanna buy. See none of that works so I find ways to fake it. :) PS I love the garbage, dumpster pile. Also thanks for the encouragement <3