Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Redo with purpose

So the walls are a beautiful "spring is here green" and the window treatments are white, light and airy.  Sigh it's just sooooo pretty yet not too feminine.  I wouldn't do that to my husband, I like him being a man.
So this is my duck tape cover mirror and a vase from another room.  I also re-used an old suit case and small thingy (not sure what it is, bought it for a dollar 8 years ago)
This is closer (zoom in here) 
Next up is my side of the bed, with the fabulous rug I got from CSN.  The mirror was 3 dollars from thrift store, repainted and also owl repainted and pussy willows from yard. 
Another close-up 
Looks almost professional, if you squint and have a glass of wine. 
The next wall is on my husband's side and it was a little more pricier.  Although I did find the fabric at an outlet for 9 dollars a yard and the frames at Wal-Mart for 3 a piece.  Oh the other objects da' art, thrift store find painted white.  Did I tell you I am sick of painting things white? 
I only have two more things to accomplish, the bed and headboard and a chair.  I also have delusions of hanging a full wall of shelves around the bed.  In my head it seems easy but I think I've deceived myself in that area.
Next time I will have the chair and hopefully the bed and the whole enchilada all done up.
It will be complete!!


  1. FOR THE LOVE OF PETE do something about the window over your bed! Its contaminating the pretty room!
    (Sorry couldn't help myself) :D Other than that I LOVE IT! I can't wait to see it in person.

  2. I know!!! but look at the before pics and you will be relieved it's no longer BROWN. I want to make a shutter but I need a garage to work in or wait till the rain stops.